Sunday, October 1, 2017

Interview with Luna Haruna

This years Anime Weekend Atlanta once again saw many amazing musical guests, in this interview with talk anime and inspiration with Anisong songer Luna Haruna!


VKEIOS: As a well-traveled artist, could you share your thoughts on visiting different events such as these and interacting with your fanbase?

Luna: I love coming, usually I come here just for anime conventions when I'm performing outside of Japan. I love it because I'm personally a big fan of anime and I feel like I can build a connection with fans through that mutual interest. I always look forward to exciting moments in our time together.

VKEIOS: Could you recommend any titles that you're currently watching?

Luna: Lately I've been into watching older anime series. I've just finished watching Inazuma Eleven, and I play the game as well!

VKEIOS: Being active in the Anisong community are there any peers who you look up to or who have inspired you in your career?

Luna: For fashion and styling I really like Ali Project, and for performance and stage presence I like Miyano Mamoru

VKEIOS: You've just released a new album this past June, could you tell me about the concept?

Luna: For this, my third album, I had a lot of creative input! I chose the title myself, LUNARIUM, and the whole concept was to be a combination of planetarium and aquarium. For the album cover art we used real props and water to evoke that concept. The tracklist contains a lot of anime songs as well as high energy songs perfect for concerts. It also features a collaboration song, SxW -soul world- with KOTOKO, and a special LUNARIUM version of Windia with a unique intro and outro.

VKEIOS: Are there any stories from your collaboration that stand out in your memory?

Luna: For LUNARIUM's collaboration song, SxW -soul world-, KOTOKO-san wrote the song and has a very strong voice. I had great time collaborating and doing my best to not fall behind, keeping up with my own vocals. That song was also the theme for a videos which was a collaboration between Accel World and Sword Art Online. I was really excited about that collaboration, I was able to learn a lot.

VKEIOS: What is the process that you go through in creating a song for an anime?

Luna: For example, with "Saenai Heroine" the song I wrote as the opening theme for Saekano, I was able to go over the script of the anime itself for inspiration that would work for the song. Even still, I also like to think of future scenarios of the anime and base the song on that as well.

VKEIOS: This year you made your seiyuu debut, what was that experience like for you?

Luna: It was a mixture of nerves, happiness and being worry! It's very new for me but I'm taking it day by day. As someone who loves and watches anime, I know that the voice actors bring life to the characters so I worried in the beginning about if I would be able to properly bring life to my character. I worried if it was okay for me to take that role.

VKEIOS: Thank you so much, is there any closing message you'd like to share?

Luna: This is my third time coming to America, I want to continue to make great songs, both for anime songs and my own songs. I want to one day hopefully do a solo show in the States. Please support me in my journey coming back! And please look forward to the new anime URAHARA where I make my debut as a voice actress for the character Rito-san. Thank you so much!

Many thanks to Luna Haruna, her staff, and Anime weekend Atlanta for making this interview possible!

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