Friday, December 16, 2016

Interview with GARNiDELiA at Anime Weekend Atlanta

VKEIOS: Thank you so much for speaking with us, to begin, could you share something memorable that you've experienced this year?

MARiA: I experienced sword dancing for the first time while filming our new music video, that’s something that was really memorable. It was very hard, but I had fun because it was challenging.

toku: This year we got to tour around the world, exploring a lot of places, especially the United States. We had  fun experiencing how fans in other countries reacted to our music.

VKEIOS: You released your new single Yakusoku -Promise Code- in August, could you tell us the concept behind this single?

MARiA: The song was the ending theme for the anime Qualidea Code. I’ve always wanted to perform in kimono and I was finally able to fit the motif with the show. I got to learn sword dancing and implement a traditional Japanese theme to the music video and my performance. That was special for me. There’s a character in the anime that uses a katana too, so it really fit the theme.

VKEIOS: Visually, your unit has a lot of impact with your complimenting outfits, do you design or decide the themes for the outfits?

MARiA: Yes, I do!

VKEIOS: Amazing! How long does that take?

MARiA: It varies depending on what I want to do. But this time, since I’ve wanted to do a kimono-themed outfit for so long it only took a week or two. I already had the image in my mind.

VKEIOS: As a unit made of two people with a unique background of musical experiences, have you been able to share anything suprising with one another?

toku: I knew that MARiA could sing, but it wasn't until after we formed the unit that I realized she could dance as well, so that was a shock to me.

VKEIOS: MARiA, how long have you been dancing?

MARiA: I’ve been dancing for 10 years now!

VKEIOS: You'll be performing a concert here at AWA on Saturday, can you tell us some of what you have in store for the setlist?

MARiA: This is our first time performing in Atlanta so I want to leave an impression. I’m going sing and dance, I’ll sing a ballad, J-rock, everything I can pull out of the box! And because this is an anime convention we want to highlight the show with anime covers.

VKEIOS: Do you feel that your sound, style or methods have changed or evolved in some way over the years?

toku: Until I found out that MARiA could dance we didn’t really do fast-paced or dance related music, but we like to explore different kinds of genres, and in that way we’ve become more flexible. We really talk things out and give our opinions of the kind of songs we want to create together.

VKIEOS:What kind of genres would you like to experiment with?

MARiA: I’d like to try something inspired by Bollywood and the middle-east, an Arabic-type sound.

VKEIOS: And have the costume to match?

MARiA: Yes, absolutely!

VKEIOS: This project has already been a big success, but are there any specific goals that you'd like to achieve together in the near future?

MARiA: Someday, we want to perform overseas independently on a one-man live tour.

VKEIOS: Thank you both for your time! Do you have a closing message you'd like to share with the readers at Visual KEIOS?

MARiA: There will be a lot of first-time readers, we’re going to make a lot of different kinds of music, if you hear a song you enjoy and start following us for that music, that would be great. For fans in the countries we haven’t visited yet, we hope we’ll be able to visit you one day.

toku: There are a lot of our music videos online, if you could see our videos we hope you’ll feel excited to come to our live show.

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If you can't get enough GARNiDELiA then you're in luck. They've just released their 2nd full album "Violet Cry" which is available worldwide!

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“Violet Cry” track list


  2. REAL

  3. Yakusoku-Promise Code-

  4. Burning Soul

  5. LIFE

  6. Inori No Uta

  7. Cry

  8. Gokurakujoudo



  11. My little happiness

  12. Kawaranai Mono

  13. MIRAI

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Many thanks to GARNiDELiA for their time, as well as to Sony Music Entertainment Japan, Anime Weekend Atlanta, Tomo, and all the staff who made this interview possible! Check out photos from GARNiDELiA's live performance at Anime Weekend Atlanta below!

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