Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Interview with heidi. at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2015

VKEIOS: Firstly, welcome back to Atlanta, it's great to have you back. How was Friday's concert and Saturday's surprise concert?
Thank you!
Yoshihiko: The fans were much more passionate than last time. We would like to come back again next year.

VKEIOS: I certainly hope so! It was such a surprise to see you modeling the Galaxxxy fashion show today, how was it?
Kiri: At first we were very nervous, we rarely get a chance to do things like this, we were really looking forward to it. It was a great experience.

VKEIOS: You'll be doing an acoustic live on Sunday, what do you hope to show to your fans during this performance?
Nao: It's an acoustic live, so we want fans to experience something different from our usual lives. In general acoustic lives are very rare for us, we hope that fans can appreciate the other side of heidi. music.

VKEIOS: You're on the second stage of the road to your 10th anniversary, how are you feeling as you approach that hallmark.
Kiri: We just celebrated our 9th anniversary last June. It was long, it was very long, yet it was very short, I guess it could be short... (laugh) but because we've lasted for 10 years we have so much experience. Our names have been all over the world and we hope we can entertain more people in the future and still continue for 10 more years.

VKEIOS: 10 more years would be great! In these 10 years what are some of the more valuable lessons that you've learned?
Kohsuke: This actually something we learned when we first came to the United States, we learned that especially in live performances if you can't have fun, it's not worth it. The same is true for our performances in Japan but we felt that really strongly when we were performed in the west. It goes for other jobs as well, if you're not having fun with what you're doing it's not really worth your time.

VKEIOS: Looking at your body of work as a whole, is there an aspect or quality of your work that you're especially proud of?
Yoshihiko: We love all of our songs equally, and we love our ability to connect to the audience with each song. It's a very personal connection that we can become one with the audience because audience can relate to our songs directly in some way.

VKEIOS: You're performing here at AWA alongside universe, so I'd like to ask which of their songs are your favorite?
Kohsuke: "Magic"!
Kiri: Me too! It's a very cool song.
Yoshihiko: "Kokoro ne"

VKEIOS: I know that Nao is active with his side project VerryBerry, what can you tell us about it?
Nao: VerryBerry has a different kind of theme than heidi. but it's still a baby-project at the moment, with more time the full concept will become more complete.

VKEIOS: Lastly, do you have a closing message that you'd like to share with our readers?
Yoshihiko: Please invite us back to this event again, we have a purpose to come back!

Thank you so much to heidi. for their time, and many thanks to the translator, manager and AWA staff for making this possible.

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