Monday, December 1, 2014

Interview with DEATHGAZE

VKEIOS: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us! To begin, please introduce yourselves, and tell one word that you would use to describe yourself as a musician?

Ai: I'm Ai, the lead singer & the guitarist.
Takaki: I'm Takaki, the lead guitarist who loves nature!
Kosuke: I'm Kosuke, the bassist.
Naoki: I'm Naoki, the drummer who loves energy drinks.

VKEIOS: In August, you released your last album, “ENIGMA”, can you tell us your impressions of the album overall?

Takaki: It's kind of like a pop album for adults.
Naoki: I think there are more variety of songs compared to our past albums.

VKEIOS: In December, DEATHGAZE will tour South America and Europe – what are your hopes for this tour?

Ai: Our concert.
Kosuke: I'm looking forward to having our live performance and pretty excited since this is our first time visiting Brazil.

VKEIOS: Following your last live on December 23rd, you will go on indefinite hiatus – during this hiatus will all of you remain active as musicians, or will you consider moving on to different fields?

Ai: That's a secret.
Takaki: I don't know about it yet.
Kosuke: Nothing is certain.
Naoki: There hasn't been any clear plans yet.

VKEIOS: Last year DEATHGAZE celebrated its 10th anniversary - how would you summarize band’s journey?

Naoki: We have gone through a lot of ups and downs thus far. A band is just like life.
Takaki:  Since Kosuke was originally my friend, I contacted Kousuke after hearing that their previous guitarist has left the band. And then Kousuke asked me to come to the music studio for a rehearsal and I went and that was my first time to see Ai and Naoki. I was pretty nervous for the first time haha. And I kept practicing with them and began live performances as a support guitarist and then I officially joined the band afterwards. At that time I have worked very hard to practice and learn about the songs of DEATHGAZE. During that time, there were roughly 30 songs, so I tried my best to get ready for our upcoming lives. Although, it was very fun for me to do so, so it wasn't that tough to get used to their songs haha.   
Ai: It's such a tragedy.
Kosuke: From our side, it feels like "Has it really been already 10 years?"  haha.

VKEIOS: Looking at your discography as a whole, what are some of the things that you’re most proud of?

Naoki: Although there should be some feedback, feelings, and regrets, I think every work we have created is our pride after all.

VKEIOS: Over the years what are some of the most important things that you’ve learned about music?

Ai: No matter how advanced equipment and techniques become, a natural human instinct never changes.
Takaki: My emotion of that moment linking to the sound.
Kosuke: Before we impress and please audiences, we must make sure that we are certainly creating something impressive and fun for ourselves too. Otherwise, that can be meaningless.
Naoki: I've seen many drummers in bands lately and I re-realize that the basics are very important to be a great drummer.

VKEIOS: What kind of impression or legacy do you hope DEATHGAZE’s music has left behind?

Takaki A sensitive heart in intensity.
Kosuke I never thought about it though, I would be very happy if our music stays in the hearts of our fans forever.

VKEIOS: Could you please share an inspiring message for the fans that await you during your last Oneman Tour?

Takaki: Sorry to keep you waiting. Let's have fun together at the live!
Naoki: We will make it a great live performance. Let's enjoy together!
Kosuke: I'm also looking forward to it. Let's have a wonderful time together!
Ai: See you soon!

VKEIOS: Thank you so much for your time! Do you have any closing statements for your fans and the readers at Visual KEIOS?

Kosuke: Thank you very much for your encouragement all the time.
Takaki: Although DEATHGAZE will go on hiatus, we believe that we will forever remain in your heart.  See you again!
Naoki: Please come to our concert for the wrap-up of 2014! and please wait and see how we move on in the future!
Ai: See you again!

VKEIOS: この度はインタビューの為に時間を作っていただき誠にありがと うございます。まずはじめに自己紹介をしていただき、バンドでのパートを教えて ください。

VKEIOS: 8月には最新アルバムの“ENIGMA”をリリースされましたが、アルバムはどのような作品になりましたか?
直樹:今までよりも色々なタイプの曲が入ってるアルバムになった んじゃないかと。

VKEIOS: DEATHGAZEは12月に南アメリカとヨーロッパのツアーを予定されていますね。このツアーではどんなことが楽しみですか?

VKEIOS: 12月23日の最後のライブの後、無期限の活動休止に入られるとの事ですが、この休止期間中は個々にミュージシャンとしての活動をまだ続けられるのか、それとも異なった道を進む事なども考えられているのでしょうか?

VKEIOS: 昨年、DEATHGAZEは10周年記念のお祝いをされましたが、これまでバンドの歩んできた道のりを聞かせていただけないでしょうか?

VKEIOS: 過去のディスコグラフィーを総合的に見てみて、これまでで最も誇りに思われる事は何でしょうか?

VKEIOS: これまでの数年間を振り返ってみて音楽に関して学んだ事で特に重要な物事とは何だったでしょうか?

VKEIOS: DEATHGAZEの音楽はどのようなものを残すことができたと考えますか?

VKEIOS: 最後のワンマンツアーを心待ちにしているファン達の為にメッセージをお願いしてもよろしいでしょうか?

VKEIOS: この度は誠にありがとうございました。最後にファンやVisual KEIOSの読者達にメッセージなどあれば是非お願いします。


This interview was written by Alicia R. Thomas. Many thanks to the members of DEATHGAZE for their time, and to B7Klan for making this interview possible.

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