Thursday, November 13, 2014

Interview with SHONEN KNIFE at Anime Weekend Atlanta



VKEIOS: Welcome to AWA! I know that you've just gotten in after having concerts in Savannah and Atlanta, what do you have planned for tonights show?
Naoko: We have some songs from our new album, and some anime songs; for example our song called "Banana Chips", its used for a Japanese anime, and also "Buttercup Song" so we're very excited to play those songs. We're also playing "Anime Phenominal", which is a song about anime. (laughs)

VKEIOS: What are some of your favorite anime shows?
Ritsuko: Now, for me, Attack on Titan!
VKEIOS: Attack on Titan is really popular right now, there are a lot of AoT cosplayers here.
Ritsuko: Yes! I saw many cosplayers, so amazing!
Emi: I don't know new anime, but I like Doraemon! (laughs)

VKEIOS: You recently had your 1000th concert, congratulations!
All: Thank you!!

VKEIOS: That was in Minnesota, yes? How was that experience?
Naoko: We took requests from our fans through the internet. And many people voted for more rare songs, so we added some rare songs to our set list and we were very... we rehearsed a lot (laughs) but the audience was very happy, with very big applause.

VKEIOS: You tour quite a lot, but how often do you get to perform at anime conventions?
Naoko: Um... twice. This is the second time. Last year we played at AyaCon in London, at Warwick University.

VKEIOS: You've toured through the US several times, are there any states that you haven't performed in yet?
Naoko: I think all of the states except for North Dakota and South Dakota, we've never been (laughs)

VKEIOS: With SHONEN KNIFE having a history of over 30 years, whats some of the most crucial lessons you've learned as a group?
Naoko: I'm very lazy and laid back, I didn't make a long future plan so, I just look a little forward, so I don't know if I learned a lot in these 30 years (laughs) but I'm always keeping myself fresh.

VKEIOS: The current line-up has been since 2010, what have been some of the best memories you three have had since then?
Ritsuko: Touring many, many countries is very good experience for me. I never been abroad before joining SHONEN KNIFE.
VKEIOS: What other countries would you like to go to?
Ritsuko: Hmm, I love Asia a lot; and It's very close Japan. (laughs)
Emi: Today's show will be the best show!

VKEIOS: Can you tell me about your latest album Overdrive, how long did it take to make this album?
Naoko: I think I started writing songs for... three or four months before the recording. I'm always very lazy (laughs) so I start writings songs when I book the studio. (laughs) I can write a song in two days, very quick!
VKEIOS: It might be hard to choose, but do you have any favorite tracks from the album?
Emi: For me, it's "Ramen Rock" (laughs), because my vocals for the song is "I love ramen noodle" (laughs)
Naoko: I like "Black Crow", it's like a hard rock song.

VKEIOS: How would you want SHONEN KNIFE to be remembered?
Naoko: My purpose to make music is to make people happy, and if our audience is happy we can be happy too, so I think SHONEN KNIFE can be remembered as a very happy band!

VKEIOS: Is there any closing comments that you'd like to leave for our readers?
Naoko: Please enjoy our overdrive album, and let's have fun at our show!

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This interview was written and conducted by Alicia R. Thomas. Many thanks to the ladies of SHONEN KNIFE for their time, and to Good Charamel Records and Anime Weekend Atlanta for making this interview possible.



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