Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Interview with Masumi Kano and Rin - BABY the Stars Shine Bright

btssb_os-awa2014-1Sunday at Anime Weekend Atlanta we had the pleasure of speaking with BABY the Stars Shine Bright designer Masumi Kano, and Harajuku store manager Rin.


VKEIOS: I really enjoyed todays fashion show, can you tell me about your coordinate today?
Masumi: I really like Classical Lolita and I've been wearing a lot of it, so today is a very classic example of Classic Lolita?

VKEIOS: It looks very nice! This is your first time in Atlanta, how have you been enjoying yourselves thus far?
Masumi: I'm having a lot of fun here!

VKEIOS: I'd like to know what some of your favorite pieces were from today's fashion show.
Masumi: I really liked the last dress from the show; the scarlet piece.

VKEIOS: Now that we're in the Autumn/Winter season, what are some of your styling tips for Lolita coordinates?
Masumi: If you saw the snow queen coordinate, the blue one, it had a lot of fur elements to it which makes it more of a winter style. Also, bringing in more of the ice blue helps to represent the season.

VKEIOS: Going back in time, what drew you to Lolita fashion?
Masumi: I really liked sewing and making things, because of my mom, and I also really like dolls. Lolita very doll-like and that's what drew me to it.

VKEIOS: What designers do you look up to; either from Japan or from abroad.
Masumi: I really admire the other designers from Baby, and Pirates, everyone is really wonderful.

VKEIOS: There are a lot of Lolitas here in Atlanta, What have been your impressions of their coordinates and style?
Masumi: The style of American Lolitas is actually very different from how Japanese Lolitas style their coordinates; I really like the fact that the Lolitas here style their coordinates with a lot of bright colors, they may be influenced by things like cosplay, and it's so nice and refreshing to see because the girls in Japan pick more neutral tones and classic styles.

VKEIOS: Of the items that you're selling here at the boutique today, if you could name your three 'must have' items, what would they be?
Masumi: I really recommend the Julia dress. Also, Rosa Mistica and the Starlight Carnevale dress; they were in the fashion show today.

VKEIOS: Baby's Tea Party is tomorrow, I'd like to know your anticipation or possible plans for the event.
Masumi: I'm really looking forward to getting a chance to interact and talk with a lot of the local Lolitas here and getting to hang out with them in a very intimate environment. It's very nice to meet new people!

VKEIOS:  Lastly, Miss Rin, could you please give me your thoughts on the worldwide expansion of Lolita fashion?
Rin: I'm really happy to see that Lolita fashion has become so popular outside of Japan, I really hope that people will come to Japan and maybe visit me and see the Baby store in Japan!


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Interview written and conducted by Alicia R. Thomas. Many thanks to Masumi Kano and Rin for their time, and special thanks to Rubab for making this interview possible!

Baby, The Stars Shine Bright

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