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Interview with TOMO (BORN)


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VKEIOS: 自己紹介をお願いします。

VKEIOS: BORNを5つの言葉で例えるならば、どのような言葉が出てきますか?
BLACK POPULARってコンセプトはあるけどバンドを5つの言葉で表現するのは難しいな。

VKEIOS: 他のバンドと比較して、BORNは、あなたの中ではどんな存在でしょうか?

VKEIOS: 初めて世に送り出した楽曲を振り返ってみて、2014年現在どのように感じますか?

VKEIOS: あなたの音楽は、これまでどのように成長、または変化してきたのでしょうか?

VKEIOS: 今日のBORNのスピリットが具現化されている曲を1曲選ぶとしたらどの曲になるでしょうか?

VKEIOS: 今までのBORNとしての活動の中で、最も記憶に残っている「誇らしかった事」、「大きなチャレンジ」だったことを教えてください。

VKEIOS: アーティストとしての最大の転機を教えてください。

VKEIOS: 最新ミニアルバム「THE STALIN-666-」は、どんな楽曲が収録されているのでしょうか?

VKEIOS: 12月3日にはニューシングル「Son Of A Bitch」がリリースされる予定です。このシングルのコンセプトを教えてください。

VKEIOS: 今回のツアーはLycaonとのツーマンツアーですが、2バンドでツアーを巡る強みは何だと思いますか?

VKEIOS: Lycaonに対する印象について教えてください。

VKEIOS: バンド活動をしていく中で、今後目指すものはありますか?

VKEIOS: 最後にファンやサポーターにメッセージをお願いします。

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VKEIOS: Could you introduce yourself?
I am TOMO playing the drums.

VKEIOS: If you describe BORN with words five, what words do you think of?
There is a concept of BLACK POPULAR but it is difficult to describe the band in five words.

VKEIOS: In comparison with other bands, what would BORN mean to you?
Something like home.

VKEIOS: Looking back at the first music that was released, how do you feel now in 2014?
I was young in those days.

VKEIOS: How has your music changed or grown so far?
Although the environment or music I listen to has changed, I think its fundamental nature that conveys impulses has not changed.

VKEIOS: If you had to pick one song that embodies the spirit of BORN today what would it be?
That would be all the songs because I am making them by putting in my entire soul.

VKEIOS: Among activities as BORN until now, please tell me what is "a thing that you are proud of", and a "big challenge" that are most memorable.
Outdoor festivals in Taiwan in midsummer.

VKEIOS: Please tell me your largest turning point as an artist.
Being hired by my current agent.

VKEIOS: What kind of music is recorded in your latest mini album “THE STALIN-666-”?
Mostly intense music, the theme of which is initial impulse or returning to the starting point.

VKEIOS: Please explain the concept of your new single “Son Of A Bitch” to be released on December 3.
Truth of BORN.

VKEIOS: Band’s first European Tour is coming up, could you tell me your feelings when this European Tour was decided?
I can drink a lot of beer! ! !

VKEIOS: This tour is a two-man tour with Lycaon, what do you think I the advantage of two bands’ doing a tour together?
Because I think we are two bands that have a unique color among the visual kei, I am looking forward to present such Japanese culture.

VKEIOS: Please tell us about your impressions of Lycaon.

VKEIOS: In the course of your band activity, do you have future aim?
Conquering the world!

VKEIOS: Finally do you have a message to supporters and fans?
I am proud that the Japanese culture of visual kei has been loved in Europe. Please be exposed to BORN and by all means enjoy the visual kei of the modern times.

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This interview was written by Alicia R. Thomas. Many thanks to TOMO for his time, and to B7Klan for making this interview possible.



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