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VKEIOS: Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions. Would you please introduce yourself along with a fun fact to share with our readers?

★ Hello!! We are Japanese rock band called “PINKY DOODLE POODLE”. “Yuria” is a singer and a bass player. “George” is a guitar player.


VKEIOS: PINKY DOODLE POODLE is a very unique name for a band; please tell us how you came to choose this name?

★ “PINKY DOODLE POODLE” comes from the name of clothes which is worn on an American doll called “Blythe”. “Blythe” has many clothes, and every clothes have their own name. Sometimes, Yuria is told that she looks like Blythe. So, that’s how we came up with it.


VKEIOS: Could you both tell us about your individual journeys as musicians; who or what inspired you to become musicians?

Yuria: I came from a musical family, my grandfather was an conductor of a big band jazz orchestra. My father was a professional saxophone and clarinet  player and my mother was a singer and has taught piano. So it is very easy for me to start playing musical instruments.

George: When I was a little child, my father used to listen to music, especially the American and European music. I think he influenced the foundation  of  music career for me.


VKEIOS: On April 22nd you released a self-titled full length album – for those who have yet to hear it, could you tell us about the concept and what they can expect in terms of sound?

★ We don’t have the particular concept. Every songs are very short and have lots of energy. We sing in Japanese and don’t have love song, but every lyrics have positive message.


VKEIOS: Would each of you recommend a song from the album that really speaks to you? (And please share with us why the songs speak to you.)

Yuria: “Pirates of PDP”  This is very old song. At the beginning, I had played the guitar, PDP was twin guitar band. I and George used to play guitar solo, one after the other on this song. I liked it! Now, I always play that solo part with bass when we do a concert.

George: I would recommend “I’m OK, You’er OK”. I like the rhythm,  it’s very fun to play.


VKEIOS: The album includes a cover of “Twist and Shout”, what brought on the decision to include a cover, and what significance does this song have to you?

★  We are big fun of “The Beatles”!! And our producer, Robby gave us an advice of a cover song for our first album. So, we picked this song out.

JPOP SUMMIT Festival 2014

VKEIOS: In little more than two weeks, you’ll be performing at J-POP SUMMIT Festival 2014 – could you please give a brief message to the San Francisco audience that awaits you?

★ Hi San Francisco, we are very glad to be able to perform at such a big stage. We hope you like our music. We can’t wait!!


VKEIOS: Which songs do you think pull an especially enthusiastic response from your audiences?

★ All songs!! Above all, we might say “Pirates of PDP” will be very fun, because everybody can join in easily.


VKEIOS: You’ll be holding a Meet & Greet following your performance, what’s the best part about getting to interact up close and personal with your fans?

★ We can directly get the power and energy from the people who come to “Meet & Greet”. So, we are looking forward to meeting our fans!!


VKEIOS: Many thanks once again for your time! Could you please leave a closing statement for the fans and readers at Visual KEIOS?

★Some people may have cute images about us, because of our band name and the voice character of Yuria. But we are high energy rock band. Please come to our concert, we can see what really are. And we are looking forward to seeing you at J-POP SUMMIT Festival 2014, see you soon!!


PINKY DOODLE POODLE Official Homepage | PINKY DOODLE POODLE album review


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This interview was written by Alicia R. Thomas (arthomas), and edited by CMT. Many thanks to PINKY DOODLE POODLE, Good Charamel Records, Robby Takac, and Medialab PR for making this interview possible!

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