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Interview with May'n


May’n Introduction

VKEIOS: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Would you please introduce yourself along with a fun fact to share with our readers?

May’n: I like Taiyaki and hippopotamus. I could go to Fushimiinaritaisha which is the famous shrine when I went to Kyoto in my tour. It was so beautiful.

VKEIOS: You’re currently on your “May’n Road to 10th Anniversary Japan & World Tour 2014/2015”, your longest tour yet – what are you feelings as you approach such an important hallmark in your career?

May’n: I think I would like to change my performance every stage. It doesn’t matter the stage I have ever been or not, and domestic or abroad.I’m looking for creating the live through meeting with visitors each site.

VKEIOS: As an artist what are some of the most things you’ve learned (about yourself, music or the industry as a whole) in your near decade-long journey?

May’n:  1.About myself

I became to be able to express myself.I wanted to show myself more mature for my adult songs but I became to think that there is a gap between music and usual figure is mine. I became to be able to think I want to stay as I am because I have live with my fan and they did everything in their power.

2.About music

I thought my job was just to sing when I made my debut and concentrated to sing in recording but now I became to be able to create the songs with my own arrange and mix. Now, there are still many seniors around me but I think there are no answers to create music I became to be able to enjoy trying to give our opinions.


VKEIOS: On June 18th, you released your 10th singleRe:REMEMBER– could you tell us about the concept and what are you most proud of about this release?

May’n: It’s my first ballad single since I made my debut. I have sung many songs about despair since I sang as Sheryl Nome starring May’n, so I think the song which expresses trying to crawl up from such despair matches me. I feel glad to sing the despair song because I saw it as my roots Sheryl Nome and it’s my anniversary 10th single.

VKEIOS: Could you please tell us your feelings in “Re:REMEMBER”?

May’n: This is such a sad song which make you feel to indulge in the past may be happier than to look forward in the dark.I’m glad if you feel such a strong feeling to keep loving.

VKEIOS: Prior to NEW WORLD, which released in January, it was 2012 when you last released an album – how do you feel your music has evolved in that time?

May’n: I became to like music much more.

Even though I see the song’s goal in recording, it changes the form every live. I enjoy growing up my songs through my live and I will try to create the songs in that way with thinking live from now on.

JPOP SUMMIT Festival 2014

VKEIOS: Next month you will be a Guest of Honor at J-POP SUMMIT Festival 2014– could you please give a brief message to the fans that are eagerly waiting to see you?

May’n: Long time no see, San Francisco! I am also really looking forward to feel Cool Japan with many fans!

VKEIOS: You’ll be performing at special live concert at Slim's on July 20th presented by J-POP SUMMIT Festival 2014– what are some of the songs that you’re most looking forward to performing for your San Francisco audience?

May’n: Let’s create live we can create just today with each fan’s sound together!

VKEIOS: In your own words how would you describe the experience of a May’n live performance?

May’n: I aim to create stage like musical. I want to be particular about detail expression with thinking this song is sad or fun from introduction part to finish.


VKEIOS: Thank you again for your time! Would you please leave a closing statement for the fans and readers at Visual KEIOS?

May’n: I’m so glad to come to San Francisco for the first time in 2 years.I will do my best to have more and more people become familiar with me.

May'n Official Home Page

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This interview written by Alicia R. Thomas (arthomas), and edited by CMT. Many thanks to May'n, her management, J-POP SUMMIT Festival and Medialab PR for making this interview possible!

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