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Interview with KAMIJO


About KAMIJO | Solo Journey

VKEIOS: Thank you for taking the time for this interview. To begin would you introduce yourself to our readers?

KAMIJO: I’m KAMIJO, vocal of Versailles. Actually I’m working on my solo carrier.

VKEIOS: It was in August 2013 that you released your debut single as a solo artist – how has your journey been since that time?

KAMIJO: The light of hope escorted me during my journey. However the thorny path was, for me it was the red carpet.

VKEIOS: In your opinion, how does your solo work differ from your previous band work – what sets it apart?

KAMIJO: There is no difference in the liberty of expression. But being solo, I can show more than 100% of mine.

VKEIOS: As an artist, is there a different side of yourself that you hope fans will come to know through your solo work?

KAMIJO: My sense of other instrument such as guitar phrase, not only my singing. And the conceptions well build of my songs.

VKEIOS: If you could choose five worlds that you think describes yourself as an artist, which words would you choose?

KAMIJO: Rose、Vampire、Blood、Romantic、Symphonic.


VKEIOS: In March you released your major debut mini-album, Symphony of The Vampire– could you give us a brief introduction to the songs on this mini album?

KAMIJO: It’s a sad sotry about Louis XVII which I made more glorious one. There is also Beethoven who liven up the story. It’s a magnificent symphonic metal album.

VKEIOS: What are you most proud of about your major debut release?

KAMIJO: I can concentrate on music.

VKEIOS: Sharing the title of Symphony of The Vampire is your collaborative jewelry line with silver accessories brand Artemis Classic – could you tell us about the pieces that have been produced, and the process of designing them?

KAMIJO: They are based by my idea, and designed by Mr. Ito a Japanese designer who looks like the portrait of Louis XVII. He is very kind person.

VKEIOS: On June 18th, your new singleMoulin Rougewill be released, followed by 「闇夜のライオン」on July 16th – what can we expect to hear in these upcoming singles?

KAMIJO: I think that listening « Moulin Rouge » after  « Symphony of The Vampire » is very stimulative .It’s a kind of KAMIJO’s party song.  「闇夜のライオン」is really my royal road. It sounds like the fanfare of a live, so I think to put often this song on top of my show.

Paris Live Performance

VKEIOS: You will fly to Europe for a one-day performance in Paris on July 4th - how does it feel to return to Europe as a solo artist?

KAMIJO: I’m so glad. I’m very happy to being able to make my first concert of my solo carrier in Europe which I love .

VKEIOS: What do you hope fans will experience during your live performance, especially those who have seem you previously during Versailles performances in Europe?

KAMIJO: Please expect as a solo carrier of the leader of Versailles. I promise you a moving moments. The live in solo is an empire. I will invade your heart with my music.

VKEIOS: Could you please tell us about the support members who will perform with you in Europe, and how you came to meet and work with them?

KAMIJO: I always wanted to be on stage with my long best friend Shinya of DIR EN GREY. IKUO is a representative bassist of Japan. He is my Senpai and I can rely on him. Meku is one of a guitarist who will lead the metal scene in Japan. He’s the only person who could play the guitar phrase recorded by Anzi of Matenro Opera.

“Complete the sentence”

  1. When I create music I….. take a walk.

  2. When people listen to my music I hope it will inspire them to ….. spend a night with me.

  3.  In the future I would like to experiment with ….. having a live in the Moon.

  4. Music is my passion because….. I can’t see it.

  5. I would like to be remembered as the kind of musician who ….. loved the rose.

  6. One of my greatest motivations as an artist is ….. standing at the center of the stage.

Closing comments

VKEIOS: What are your short-term hopes or goals for the future of your solo career?

KAMIJO: My goal is a death in the happiness. I wish to keep writing music until I die.

VKEIOS: Thank you again for your time, do you have a closing message for your fans at Visual KEIOS?

KAMIJO: Thank you very much. I thank all of you press peoples who can transmit my words to everyone. I hope that you can hear my fans voices too.


Official Website | Official Facebook Page


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This interview was written by Alicia R. Thomas. Many thanks to KAMIJO for his time, and to B7Klan for making this interview possible.



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