Friday, March 7, 2014

Valkyrie Kiss - Set me Free & Nocturne ~ Angel's Nightmare


Valkyrie Kiss is one of many J-rock inspired bands from California trying to make their name for themselves.  When you consider the fact that they've been performing shows since 2011, and since their official name change to Valkyrie Kiss in mid-2013, they've managed to accrue a number of performances and fans, it's quite easy to see they are steadily accomplishing what they set out to do.  In support of their upcoming album, PANDORA, Valkyrie Kiss is releasing monthly singles.  So far two have been released, and a third is set to drop on March 20th.

SetmefreeThe first of the two singles is “Set me Free”.  In the first few seconds, it's not hard to see why Valkyrie Kiss considers themselves power rock.  This song hits you like a brick wall, with an explosion of power that few bands could hope to achieve.  While the instruments themselves are quite a force, when you combine that with Darrell's vocals and screams, this song is sure to continue playing in your head long after you're finished listening to it.  For the first single off their upcoming album, it's mind-blowing how good this is.  It really leaves you wanting more.

NocturneThe second single, released on February 20th, is titled “Nocturne ~ Angel's Nightmare”.  This title just calls to mind darkness and heaviness, something that isn't actually seen when the song first starts up.  It's quite a bit lighter than “Set me Free”, however there are times when the instruments don't always reflect what Darrell is singing, creating an interesting juxtaposition.  There are times when this could fail, but it works so well with the lyrics and melody of this song, showing a unique skillfulness in their compositions.  One of my favorite parts of this song comes around 3:06 and lasts until 3:50;  the power of the instruments during this section is mind-blowing.  This song is a great second release as it shows more of the variety this band has to offer.

Overall I enjoyed these songs, and am looking forward to both the next single and their full-length album.  I gladly rate these songs each a 10/10 and name Valkyrie Kiss as Visual KEIOS' International Artist of the Month.

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