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Interview with Yoshihiko, vocalist of heidi.

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yoshi_voxVKEIOS:  Thank you for taking the time to speak with us again. We first spoke with 2012 (in Atlanta), could you tell us about your activities since then?

Yoshihiko (Y): It’s been a long time! I’m the vocalist Yoshihiko. In April we will be on tour in Europe, in May we will release our long awaited album “Human” and afterwards in June, we will go on a national wide tour in Japan too.

VKEIOS:  At that time (in 2012) you had released a new album, and since then you’ve released two singles; how do you think heidi.’s sound has evolved over this time period?

Y: I wonder if there is a gap. Actually, heidi. is a band that is able to produce various tunes. We are always aiming to create new sounds. We will continue to progress in the future too.

VKEIOS:  In June you’ll hold your 8th Anniversary Live, congratulations! Thinking about heidi.’s history, what are some of the things you’re most proud of?

Y: We are really proud to have the same members for 8 years now!

VKEIOS:  What have been some of the most valuable lessons that you’ve learned in these eight years?

Y: A live is not only about singing songs, it’s much more. It’s about getting all the people who come see us perform drawn into our music, so we can enjoy the live together. Of course, I'm the advanced guard who'll drag them in!!

EU TOUR 2014「Fly high!」

VKEIOS:  You’ll embark on your first European Tour in April, what are your feelings now as the start of the tour approaches?

Y: I’m really looking forward to it! My wish is to break through the language barrier.

VKEIOS:  This will be your third time traveling overseas to perform; do you do anything in particular to get into the mindset for this?

Y: Not really. We will just start from zero and enjoy it to the utmost!

VKEIOS: often praised as an amazing live band - how would you describe a concert?

Y: Sing as you like it, dance the way you want and just leave the rest to me!

VKEIOS:  What kind of impression do you hope to leave on your fans in Europe?

Y: I want to convey the merit of Japanese ballads and pathos (sorrow).

VKEIOS:  As a band, what is the most satisfying moment that you experience on stage?

Y: When you see the pleased smiling faces of all the people who came to see us live!


VKEIOS:  After returning to Japan you’ll be touring until the end of July, what else do you have planned for this year?

Y: It’s still a secret. But I guess if you enter our fan club, you will get to know how we will show our gratitude to all those supporting us.

VKEIOS:  Thank you again for your time, do you have any closing messages that you’d like to share with our readers?

Y: I’m going to visit you overseas!  Come have fun with me. Thanks and bye bye! ♪

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yoshi_voxVKEIOS: 再び私たちと話す時間を割いていただき、ありがとうございます。まず、 2012年(アトランタ)でheidi.と話をさせて頂きましたが、それ以降の活動について教え下さい。

義彦: お久しぶりです!vo義彦です。4月からEUツアー、そして5月に待望のアルバム「ヒューマン」を出し、6月から全国ツアーを回ります。

VKEIOS: 当時(2012年)、新アルバムをリリースし、それ以降も2枚のシングルをリリースしましたが、heidi.のサウンドがこの間にどのように進化してきたと思いますか?

義彦: ギャップですかね。



VKEIOS: 6月には8周年ライブを開催しますね。おめでとうございます!今までのheidi.で、最も誇りに思っていることは何ですか?

義彦: メンバー変わらず8年!これが誇りです。

VKEIOS: この8年間で学んできた最も大切な教訓とはなんですか?

義彦: ライブはただ歌を歌うだけじゃない!見てくれている皆を巻き込んで一緒に楽しむこと。もちろん、俺が先陣をきって引っ張りますけどね!!

EU TOUR 2014「Fly high!」

VKEIOS: 4月に最初のヨーロッパツアーに乗り出しますが、ツアー開始にあたり、どのようなお気持ちですか?

義彦: とにかく楽しみです!


VKEIOS: 3度目の海外公演になりますが、集中するため特別何かしていることはありますか?

義彦: ないです。むしろ0から楽しもうと思ってます。

VKEIOS: heidi.はいつも、素晴らしいライブバンドとして賞賛されていますが - heidi.の生コンサートをどのように説明しますか?

義彦: 好きに歌え、好きに乗れ、後は俺に任せなさい!

VKEIOS: ヨーロッパのファンにどのような印象を残したいと思いますか?

義彦: 日本の歌謡、哀愁、の良さを伝えたいですね。

VKEIOS: バンドとして、ステージ上で体験する最も楽しい瞬間はいつですか?

義彦: 見てくれている皆の最高の顔。


VKEIOS: 日本に帰国後、7月の終わりまでツアーがありますが、今年他に何か計画していることはありますか?

義彦: 内緒。でもファン倶楽部に入ってくれてる皆に何かで感謝を伝えたいと思ってます。

VKEIOS: お時間を頂きありがとうございました。最後に、読者の方々にお伝えしたいメッセージはありますか?

義彦: 海外行くぞ〜


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EU TOUR 2014「Fly high!」

Friday April 4th - Krasnodar (Russia) @ SU-27
Saturday April 5th - Moscow (Russia) @ SEVEN club
Sunday April 6th - Warsaw (Poland) @ Progresja
Tuesday April 8th - Wroclaw (Poland) @ Firlej
Thursday April 10th - Prague (Czech) @ Storm Club
Friday April 11th - Berlin ( Germany ) @ K17
Saturday April 12th - Vienna (Austria) @ Aera
Sunday April 13th - Ljubljana (Slovenia) @ Orto bar
Wednesday April 16th - Munich (Germany) @ Garage Deluxe
Thursday April 17th - Cologne (Germany) @ Werkstatt
Friday April 18th - Helsinki (Finland) @ Gloria
Sunday April 20th - Paris (France) @ La Java


Visit Kanzen Music for tickets and more information!

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This interview was written by Alicia R. Thomas (arthomas). Many thanks to Yoshihiko for his time, to Peter and Kanzen Music for the translation, as well as Kanzen Music for making this interview possible.



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