Friday, March 7, 2014

ADAMS - Seseragi


Even if you aren't a fan of ADAMS, it's probably a safe bet to say you've heard of them.  While this band has only been around since 2012, they have truly made one heck of an impact on the musical world.  Their theme of NEO SEXUALism, and the concept of incorporating homosexuality into their music and act has definitely made them into a one of a kind band.  On November 18th, of 2013, ADAMS released their much anticipated single, Seseragi.

This single starts off the title track.  Seseragi begins with a dancy, hip-moving melody, that is sure to have the listener entranced.  After half a minute, vocals are added to the mix, but it's quite a different mix.  It's around this time that the song slows down.  While it's still got that dance vibe, it's got a little bit of a ballad sound going on.  At around 50 seconds into the song, it picks right back up, causing an interesting feel.  This pattern repeats throughout the song, and combining this with the spoken words and the amazing solo, this song is a great way to start off the single.

Up next is ROMEO, which starts off strong from the first second.  This song is quite unique in the fact that there is actual rapping in it, but for the most part this song doesn't stray too far away from it's original sound.  The solo in this song is pure electronic guitar goodness, although that could honestly be said for the entire song.  With catchy lyrics and a great melody this song is sure to stand out among all the songs you listen to this month.

The last song in this single, ONE AND ONLY, is a song that blasts through your speakers and right into your shoes.  It's fast-paced, energetic and light, and is definitely my favorite song off this single.  This is a song you truly need to experience for yourself, as the juxtaposition between the bounciness of this song and the solo is a one of a kind sound.

Over all, I thoroughly enjoyed this single; and if you've been needing some more energetic beats in your life, this single is just what you need.  I give “Seseragi” a 10/10 and am glad to name ADAMS as Visual KEIOS' artist of the month.  Be sure to grab your copy of this single, and their upcoming album, as they are most definitely needed additions to any music collection. And if you're in Europe, be sure to catch their upcoming tour "THE FIRST SIN TOUR IN EU"

Official Website | ADAMS EU TOUR

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This review written by Michelle R. Gaynor (Tenten); the queen of sparkles, and edited by the corseted goddess known as Alicia R. Thomas. Many thanks to Ramen Events and ADAMS for giving us the opportunity to review Seseragi!

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