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tezya - LIFE MY BABYLON~Slave to the Beat Version

LIFE-MY-BABYLON_Slave-to-the-Beat-Versiontezya is a musician who doesn't understand the meaning of “slowing down.”  2013 was truly a big year for him as it was full of performances all over the world, and most importantly the release of “LIFE MY BABYLON~Slave to the Beat Version”, a remix of his first album.

“LIFE MY BABYLON~Slave to the Beat Version” starts off with a dance version of “Lion”.  While this version features much of the original sound; it's sure to keep you on your toes with an extra intensity about it that makes this so much fun to listen to.  While “Lion” starts off with a trap feel, “Crazy” is electric; literally.  The static sounds lead into a heavy section, full of more electric fun in the form of an electric guitar.  From there it goes into the toe-tapping verses.  Truthfully, you'd be crazy not to enjoy this new version of the song.

The next song, “Sway”, is pretty true to the name.  The melody of it just seems to sway you back and forth, plus your emotions seem to sway with the melodic touch that tezya's voice adds.  While this song isn't as danceable as the others, it is a fun one to rock out to; as many fans have at his live concerts.  The following song, “Where's my Place, Who Am I?” is another slower song.  This ballad is sure to take your breath away, and is perfect for a slow dance with your partner, as you soak up this song.

Getting back in the swing of the faster songs, you jump right into “Good Morning, Alien.”  This song is a truly out of this world experience.  The nicest thing about this song's placement, is while it's quite a bit different than the previous song, it's not too much a difference, causing them to flow nicely together.  Next up, “Novision”, is a truly playful song.  If you weren't already dancing before, I guarantee you will be for this song.  It's a fun, kick-stomping type of song that is sure to have you enthralled the length of the song.  The next song is a little deceptive.  While “Luvhal” seems like another fast-paced song, it's only half so.  It slides in and out of a smooth jazz feel, truly showing the wide variety of influences that tezya has.

The next three songs by themselves are another magical trip.  With siren-like sounds, “Adolescence of the Boy's Life”, is sure to grab your attention right from the start.  This song has hardcore guitar-work and a beat that will leave you wanting more until the very end of the song.  And while the end comes almost too soon for my liking, “B-A-B-Y-L-O-N” picks right up in a digital intro.  This song is definitely one that wouldn't be out of place in a hip club. tezya's voice and the instrumentals combine to create an interesting listening experience that only tezya could create.  While “B-A-B-Y-L-O-N” was something only tezya could create, the next song is epicness built on an amazing collaboration.  “Cosmo of Love” features not only tezya, but well-known guitarist, SUGIZO.  The two of them combined create something that not even words can describe.  It's almost as if this collaboration was destined to happen; the guitar just compliments out tezya's voice so much.  This song leaves you breathless and it's a truly spectacular way to end the album.

This remix album is full of excitement that I'm sure will have the listener jumping out of their chairs to put their dancing shoes on.  While remixing can change the song entirely, tezya managed to do this without losing any of himself in the songs.  For this I give this album a 10/10 and strongly recommend anyone and everyone to get a copy for themselves.  I am also pleased to announce tezya as our first Featured Artist for the year of 2014, and I look forward to seeing what 2014 holds for him.

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This review of tezya's LIFE MY BABYLON~Slave to the Beat Version was written by Michelle R. Gaynor(Tenten); the queen of sparkles, and edited by the corseted goddess known as Alicia R. Thomas.


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