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Interview with DIR EN GREY drummer, Shinya

Interview with Shinya, Drummer of Dir en grey @San Francisco, The Regency Center


M: Melissa
S: Shinya

M: Hello Shinya, thank you for taking the time to answer our questions!

S: Thank you!

M: How are you? Did you sleep well last night? I hope you got well rested after the bus breakdown and your live show in Seattle last night.

S: I only got two hours to sleep. We had to leave the hotel at 4 am this morning to get here into San Francisco.

M: That’s terrible. I hope you guys can have a good rest after your final show in Los Angeles.

S: Thank you.

M: A lot of fans are really concerned about you guys after the bus issue you ran into three days ago. Have you ever run into any similar troubles like this before, I mean, during a live tour?

S: Of course we’ve been touring for so many times and there were so many problems we came across, but this was the first time that we came across something as big as this. This costs everyone a lot of sleepless nights I guess.

M: I hope everything is getting better after this. And I believe the fans will give you the warmest welcome and support you.

S: Thank you.

M: Speaking of difficulty or trouble, what do you think is the most difficult or painstaking thing to be in a band, or in particular, in the band Dir En Grey?

S: I don't feel like there is anything really difficult or hard or painstaking being in a band. But definitely since the band has been playing for so long (16 years), protecting what we do or molding what we do, and keeping things constantly the way they are, is probably the most difficult part. Because everything changes all the time, and things are going to continue to change, so making sure that the band continues and progresses forward is the hardest thing.

M: Yeah, it’s always hard to take a step up compared to what you’ve achieved. I totally understand.

M: Now that you are coming to the west coast of the US, which part of the US do you like better personally, the east coast, middle part, or west coast?

S: I’m not a fan of cold weather, so I definitely prefer being here in the west coast. But unfortunately the bus broke down here in the west coast so I can't really enjoy it. But I definitely am looking for the next time to come back. I like here because it’s warmer.

M: I think you will enjoy your show in LA because it’s even warmer there than here in San Francisco.

S: Actually I’m very worried that I have to travel all the way to Los Angeles and probably I won't get sleep again. But I will work my best.

M: Great, that’s the spirit to be in a band, I really appreciate that. Actually I’m also going to take the very early flight tomorrow back to LA for your final show of the tour.

S: Thank you.

M: So during the live tour in North America this time so far, did you experience anything totally new, in comparison to all the live shows you’ve ever had before?

S: This time, we are implementing a lot of new things for the stage shows, with the “visual”-sense make-up, which reflects the messages in the music. I see that the fans’ reactions are different (when they see our stage shows), and that’s really exciting for us.

M: That’s nice. I think that’s what the fans are looking forward to. They want to see some more amazing stage shows combined with the visual elements.

M: You know people are always saying that Dir En Grey has changed a lot during these years. As a band of a long history, you have released so many songs, singles, albums and you have had so many live shows and you’ve experienced a lot significant events in your music career. So among all these events, do you think there is anything like a “critical point” (or dividing point) such that after this point, your musical ideas or philosophy got drastically changed?

S: I don’t feel like there is any specific point. I’m just going for something new, always and constantly. We need to evolve all the time.

M: Actually that is what I’m expecting. A band cannot change to another style abruptly. Changing gradually is better.

M: What is your general attitude towards music? I mean, what do you want the listeners to perceive when listening to Dir En Grey? Or in other words, what is your purpose of making music? Personally, I am deeply influenced by your music, and I do want to know if what I feel from your music is exactly what you expect me to feel.

S: Basically, I feel like I can't do anything besides music. Music is the only thing I can do. If I was a good speaker, for example, I’m probably doing something else. But music is my thing.

M: Like the way of expressing yourself?

S: (Nodding) Exactly.

M: I love that answer. In fact I saw a very similar answer from another magazine before, and I was totally touched by that answer at that time.

M: Did you go to any other musicians’ shows recently? And how do you like them?

S: I go to a lot of concerts. But I’m only interested in Japanese bands, so I’m only going to their concerts.

M: Like which Japanese bands?

S: VAMPS, for example.

M: They are also touring the North America right?

S: They are coming soon, but only to New York and Los Angeles.

M: You know the New Year is coming, so do you have any resolution for the upcoming New Year?

S: Next year is going be a year when we will be concentrating on our new album. So that’s probably our main purpose of 2014.

M: Hope you guys will make an even more fantastic album than all your previous works.

S: Thanks we will do our best!

M: I believe in you guys.

S: (Kindly chuckling)

M: The last question. A lot of young people in LA are interested in rock music and I really want to share with them the special glamour and charm of rock music presented by Dir En Grey by this chance. I think you guys are fantastic examples and pioneers in the music industry for the young music lovers who are pursuing the dream of becoming professionals some day. Do you have anything to say to these young musicians?

S:I feel like people should never ever give up if they want to pursue something, regardless of how difficult things may be. At any point of your career, just continue to do what you want to succeed in.

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