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Interview with ADAMS


About | History

VKEIOS: Hello and thank you for taking the time to speak with us! Could you please introduce yourselves for our readers?

ADAMS: Hello, we are Adam and Shota, from the Neosexual rock duo ADAMS! Nice to meet you!

VKEIOS: Though your work you want to promote your concept of universal love, but what lead to the decision to do this through the visual kei scene?

Shota: I have to be honest, it's only because this concept doesn't exist in th VK Scene. I wanted to bring something new, that's all. But visual kei is just a genre, maybe I'll leave it someday, who knows... Our concept will never change, but how to develop, where, in which scene, this can evolve.

VKEIOS: With such a beautiful concept, what have been some of the most touching responses you’ve received from fans and supporters?

Shota: It's a difficult question. I am glad about all the responses. Because, mostly, it's about the music more than the concept. Of course I like to get messages like “you look cool, nice pictures”, and so on, but finally the fact our love our music more than our image makes me very happy.

VKEIOS: For those who may be unfamiliar, can you explain more about your desire to rewrite the story of Genesis?

Shota: The image of the first love is often described as Adam and Eve, Eve was born from Adam's bone. This is not fair I think. ADAMS offers another concept, like ADAM&ADAM, it's only one person with 2 faces, with masculine and feminine inside the same unit, with all genders melted. We are still not born as men/women/nothing. It's the human unity, the universal love, across the genders and borders. Of course, we don't intend to offend anybody. We just hope to share this image of universal love.

Music | Recent Activities

VKEIOS: What are some of the qualities that you feel define ADAMS’ “NEO SEXUAL” sound?

Shota: “Originality, revolutionary, timeless”. It'as always what I say, what I want. An original sound, a revolutionary message, and a timeless music. At least it's what I hope for ADAMS.

VKEIOS: NEO SEXUAL is also the title of your first album, which released last year. Can you tell us a bit about the journey of creating that album? 

Shota: It took between 6 and 8 months. I played the guitar, work on digital sound, alone, then Adam add his vocals, each track after each. And step by step, the first album was born...

VKEIOS: On Nov.18 you released your third single “seseragi” – what are you most proud of about this new release?

Shota: The song “seseragi” sounds like 90's melodic visual kei pop rock. I like this sound, because I liked this sound before. I wanted to do this song now, because we are part of this VK scene. When I'll leave this scene, I want this song to stay alive. It's a set, including the singles Bittersweet and seseragi. Seseragi is very classical when Bittersweet is more like the modern side of VK.

VKEIOS: You’ve said that ADAMS’ music has several faces, what other sides of yourselves do you hope to show to fans over the passage of time?

Shota: We have only one topic: universal love. Human love. Of course including homosexuality, but it's mostly about “humanity”. But yes, we have several faces, styles. What I can say so far is that the next step will be a more danceable and electro music. The rest is still secret ;)

Touring | Performing

VKEIOS: You toured Europe for the first time this year - can you share a bit about your experience with us?

Shota: Everything was very nice and new for us, the views, the fans, we didn't expect that so many people were waiting for us! It was a really nice surprise. We only have good memories about that.

VKEIOS: You’ll be touring Europe again in 2014, for fans who will be seeing you on this tour, could you tell us a bit of what they can expect from an ADAMS live concert?

Shota: We work on it for now, in fact we are currently working on the new album, so we couldn't really prepare the live performance. But of course we prepare something. About costumes, stage performances, setlist, everything.

VKEIOS: What do you hope your audience will take from your live performances?

Adam: We want love or hate! Both are ok, but we want the fans to leave the venue with an extreme reaction. ADAMS is not “nice”.

Shota: I want to make them move inside.  If I can't, I'm not an artist.

2013 | Beyond

VKEIOS: It’s now December, with a new year approaching, what have been some of your brightest memories and proudest moments in 2013?

Adam: The Bittersweet tour.

Shota: I could make a lot of good music in 2012-2013, it's a good creation period for me.

VKEIOS: You’ve said that your official birthday is in November 2021, what do you envision that day will look like?

Secret! But we will be stronger as artists. We are very, very not complete now. We are ADAMS, but we are not complete as individuals so far. Both must grow up as artists. Until that secret day...

VKEIOS: Would you please leave a message for your future selves – what would you say to your 2021 selves on ADAMS’ birthday?

Shota: Please keep your motivation in the future.

Adam: I already know how you will look like!!

VKEIOS: Thank you both again for your time! Do you have any closing statements for our readers at Visual KEIOS?

ADAMS: Thank you so much for following us and please support ADAMS! We wish to meet you in real someday!


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Questions written by Alicia R. Thomas. Many thanks to ADAMS as well as David, Aurelie and Ramen Events for making this possible!

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