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Dir en Grey's Kyo Starts New Solo Project

On October 31st a mysterious band called "Sukekiyo" opened its website. There were no details on the members or on lives performances that time but two weeks later it was announced that this band will play as opening act for Sugizo's live tour "THRIVE TO REALIZE" at Shibuya AX on December 29th. The performance started only three hours ago but there are already people tweeting their experiences.

Sukekiyo turns out to be the solo project of Dir en Grey's Kyo. According to several people on twitter he performed with four musicians that weren't introduced to the audience. Rumors who these people are are spreading but there's no official confirmation yet.
The band performed three songs and they've already released an EP titled "the daemon's cutlery" that costs 1800 Yen and is available at lives. Moreover, you can also buy official goods at lives, for example T-Shirt, towel, sticker, cup and iPhone case.
Sukekiyo's next live will be tomorrow at COUNTDOWN JAPAN.

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Mikaru to Hold Exhibition in Paris

BLACK LINE's Mikaru announced that he will hold an exhibition in Paris in February next year.

A few months ago Visual Kei band BLACK LINE had bad news for fans: The band will go on hiatus after their last live on December 26th.
Today, a few hours after this live, vocalist Mikaru revealed his plans for the future: He has formed a new project called "G.L.A.M.S". But this project will be quite different from the things he has done until today.

Mikaru describes G.L.A.M.S as "synthetic art project" and his first stop will be in Paris. The exhibition starts on February 14th, 2014 at Mister LO Gallery (27 rue Rodier, 75009 Paris) and entrance fee is 12€. On 7 days you'll get the chance to see different sides of this exhibition:

February 14th: Valentines Day
February 15th: Awakening of the Vampire
February 16th: Eternal Loneliness
February 17th: You're my Princess
February 18th: Passionate Kiss
February 19th: Blood Party
February 20th: Final Day

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BOOM BOOM SATELLITES Releases Work From User Remix Contest As Exclusive Download Content

BOOM BOOM SATELLITES has released the remix EP “BOOM BOOM SATELLITES REMIX RESTIVAL 2013 –Winners”. The new EP is features a compilation of award-winning remixes from the remix contest that was held in collaboration with Niconico. The EP is exclusively available as digital distribution.

The EP features seven works that won awards in the remix contest “BOOM BOOM SATELLITES × Niconico Douga Remix Contest”, which was held using remix parts contained in the bonus USB from the limited first press edition of BOOM BOOM SATELLITES’ 8th album “EMBRACE” released in January 2013.

BOOM BOOM SATELLITES have always cherished their ties with their fans and users; thus, the idea for the project was indeed brought up by the members. Fans would submit their works, which, in turn, were mastered by the members and released as an EP.

Members of BBS carefully selected, out of all the works submitted for this second holding of the contest, one grand prize winner and six award winners to release the 7-track remix EP.

Source: BARKS



SuG Tour 2014 & Asian Tour

There has been continuous announcements from SuG lately. Now SuG announced country wide tour for 2014 and following that their Asian tour!

3/9 Shibuya WWW(FC only)
3/14 Takamatsu 高松DIME
3/15 Hiroshima 広島ナミキジャンクション
3/17 Fukuoka 福岡DRUM SON
3/18 Kumamoto 熊本Be-9 V2
3/21 umeda AKASO
3/22 Nagoya 名古屋Electric Lady Land
3/25 Saitama HEAVEN'S ROCK さいたま新都心
3/28 Sapporo 札幌KRAPS HALL
3/29 Sendai 仙台darwin
4/6 Kanazawa 金沢AZ

4/19 Taiwan, the WALL
4/20 Hong Kong, E-MAX
4/26 Korea, Soundholic City
4/27 Korea, Soundholic City

Also on May 6th SuG will perform at Hibiya Open-Air Concert Hall!

You can now also see new artist pictures from official site!

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REDMAN to Release First Mini-Album

Do you remember REDMAN, the new band of Girugamesh's vocalist Satoshi? They've announced the release of their first mini-album!

We've introduced this band a couple of months ago when they came out of nowhere and announced their first single "Challenge the GAME". Many wondered if this band will last for only a few songs or if Girugamesh will disband but right now it seems like REDMAN doesn't have a bad influence on Girugamesh's activity. Both bands release new CDs and now REDMAN even revealed the release of a mini-album including 6 tracks! The track list isn't available yet but here are a few details: The mini-album is titled "FLAME OF LIFE" and will drop in two months, on February 26th. The price is 1800 Yen.

Source: JpopAsia



BUCK-TICK: Year-end Nippon Budokan concert live broadcast on Yahoo! JAPAN

BUCK-TICK, who started their <2013 “THE DAY IN QUESTION”> Japan tour today, will broadcast their December 29 Nippon Budokan concert live on Yahoo! JAPAN. Their Kouriyama concert will also be broadcast exclusively on Niconico later.

BUCK-TICK started their three-prefecture (Miyazaki, Iwate, and Fukushima) and Nippon Budokan tour, <Tour 2013 “THE DAY IN QUESTION”>, on December 14. 2013 marks their fourteenth straight year of the band’s year-end Nippon Budokan concerts. Tickets to the concert immediately sold out, making it a premium concert. This year, however, the concert will be viewable everywhere in real time.

A special site titled, “BUCK-TICK, a rock band that continues to fascinate fans, will descend!” has already pre-opened. On December 20, all of BUCK-TICK’s old videos were shown at once.

It was also announced that the Kouriyama concert on December 23 will be filmed and exclusively broadcast on NicoNico on January 24, 2014. BUCK-TICK fans should already know that this day is bassist Yutaka Higuchi’s birthday. It will be an event that can be only experienced at this time and place in Kouriyama.

Source: BARKS

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