Thursday, December 12, 2013

sForzato - Fallen


sForzato is a five-piece unit is made of vocalist Cedo, guitarists Kousuke and Hiro, bassists KaZuKi and drummer Rui. This young band has enjoyed much success, including a performance in Cedo’s home country, Singapore. On July 24, 2013 sForzato released their fourth single, “Fallen” as a limited release of only 1000 copies.

Beginning with a strong intro, “Fallen” leads you to believe that it will be heavy tempo, but as a brighter guitar melody enters at 00:31 the tempo changes; while maintaining its edge it takes on a wonderful playfulness. The consistent sharp tone in the drum beat really tying all the elements together to create a catchy rhythm that immediately gets you moving. At 00:44, vocalist Cedo makes his presence known, the lyrics primarily in Japanese with a smattering of English. His voice is pleasant to the ears, carrying a charming airiness as he hits higher notes quite smoothly. Three minutes in, you’re treated to a lovely guitar solo that. As the song draws to a close it finishes with a polished and sharp intensity.

Possessing a much harder and heavier sound than the title track, “現実” (Genjitsu) begins with an intensity that commands your undivided attention. At 00:35 Cedo’s vocals enter, and while his voice takes on a bit of a harder edge, overall his vocal hold a lighter quality that I think is a perfect counterbalance to the heaviness of the melody. I appreciated the nice ebb and flow of the songs’ intensity; you’re given a nice reprieve during the chorus which actually has a rather bright melody, before launching back into the heavier sound. It stands out to me, but the transitions feel very smooth, keeping the song fresh and not overwhelming.

 “Fallen” is an impressive single that, for me, exudes a great sense of balance and pacing. I can only hope that they’ll release this single digitally someday. I highly recommend that you give sForzato a listen, they’re truly a band worth keeping your eyes and ears on. I look forward to what they’ll be doing in the future, and I'm happy to announce sForzato our Feature Artist for the month of December.

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This review of sForzato's "Fallen" was written by Alicia R. Thomas (ARThomas) and edited by C.Thomas (CMT)


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