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Interview with I-ai-

About | History

Hello, and thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. To begin, would you both introduce yourselves for our readers?

Hiroaki: I'm Hiroaki Nakashima, on Vocals.

Yuki: I'm Yuki Aneyoshi on Guitar.

I-ai- has been active since November 2011, which means this month is your anniversary – please tell us what the experience has been like so far, what have been some of your favorite moments in I-ai-‘s history?

Hiroaki: In the life of our music, it was the day of the re-start as the last game. For a long time until then, the two of us had been taking part in a wide variety of musical activities. Conflict, anguish, pressure, joy, hope, despair, through the many events, it has became our last hope, it was that it was a dream of the end of the two people the I-ai-

Yuki: There were various difficulties. But I did not want to kill I-ai-'s music. If something changes by listening to I-ai-'s music, I am glad.

Could you tell us more about yourselves – have either of you had previous band experience prior to I-ai-?

Hiroaki & Yuki: No Comment ^^

Was there anyone or anything in particular that inspired you to pursue a career in music?

Hiroaki: At age 15 I parted ways with a dear friend. He was a vocalist at that time. I was a guitarist at that time, but because he wanted to fulfill a dream that he drew, I became a vocalist

Yuki: When I heard the sound of the guitar.


To readers who are new to your music, would you please recommend three songs that you feel best represent the spirit of I-ai-?


Yuki: "I"AWAKE, STARTING POINT, Eternal Love Song

Could you tell us about your album Crystallize – what is the theme of the album, and why did you choose to call it your “0”th album?

Hiroaki: The theme is "to be one in the hearts of many people." The reason of "0"th, the reason is to "reset"

Yuki: I think this is still only a "prologue".

Currently you’re recording a new album, are there any details about it that you can share with us at this point?

Hiroaki: Familiar music will gather on this album. Our 2013 digital singles  [ Duty ], [ Bara To Hebi (Rose & Snake)], and [ Christian Rose ], [NEO JESUS] which we announced as a demo in 2013, and songs from our live's in Japan. We are rerecording for the album. The musical variety is jam-packed, it has become very cool piece. We have ourselves, it may be said that the world is wrong, if this does not sell in the world.

Yuki: Much like the previous work of "0"th, I think the next album will convey a new view of the world. I think it will become work that fully exhibits our two music careers so far. But I think that the music is still "I-ai-"

Your music incorporates classical instruments (piano and violin) how long have both of you been playing these instruments?

Hiroaki: When I was 13 I got an acoustic guitar from my uncle. I only learned the scales (Do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do). All the rest was self-taught.

Yuki: Because the Internet was not so popular at the time, CD & VIDEO were like my textbooks. Everything was self-taught.

Your style reaches to various genres and styles, is it ever challenging to maintain a good balance, or does it seem to come naturally?

Hiroaki:  I think that it is different genre soundscape, with desire to encounter something new within ourselves, if possible we don't want to make similar music. However we absolutely would not beautiful melody, we value the way the melody rings out in the heart.

Yuki: Above all I enjoy myself, because there are feelings that I want to challenge. But I think that the basic style is unchanged.

What are some of your favorite sources of inspiration when comes to composing new songs?

Hiroaki: The many emotions that I experience, real-life experiences.

Yuki: The time I spend quietly alone at night.

Touring | Performing

Recently the complete list of dates of your 2014 EU tour were announced. Congratulations! What do you hope European fans will learn about I-ai- during your tour?

Hiroaki: I want to know a lot of fans more and more.

Yuki: I want them to know that I-ai- had good music.

When you’re not performing, what are some of the things that you’re looking forward to doing in Europe?

Hiroaki: I want to make both possible. I want to feel the atmosphere most, and merge myself with it.

Yuki: If I have time I want to enjoy delicious food and drink. I'm glad if I can enjoy other cultural differences.

In your words, how would you describe an I-ai- live performance?

Hiroaki: For the appeal of the new album, we want to be approached in various media after the EU TOUR.

After that I ask them to remember our songs, I want to become one during our live. I want to continue to always approach foreign countries, the aim is "To More People".

Yuki: Songs from the past album, I want a lot of people to listen to I-ai-'s music in any way.

2013 | 2014

You will already have accomplished a European tour, but what are some of the other goals that you’d like to accomplish in 2014?

Hiroaki: There is no goal. I want to increase this dream more and more, and continue to challenge ourselves always.

Yuki: Yes, there's no goal. If there's a goal, then there's an end.

Thank you again for your time! Do you have any closing statements for the readers at Visual KEIOS?

Hiroaki: I love you! It's a simple word, but really I can't more precise words. Sincerely, I love you. ^^

Yuki: Look forward to the future!

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50 Questions with I-ai-

Hiroaki Nakashima | Yuki Aneyoshi



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Interview written by Alicia R. Thomas with contributions from C.Thomas. Many thanks to I-ai-, Jessica and Nyanko Scandal Factory for making this possible!

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