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Interview with EAT YOU ALIVE


About | History

VKEIOS: Thank you for taking your time to speak with us. Would each of you introduce yourselves for our readers?

Hiro: I think that I was doing a vocal in a visual-kei band in Japan.

Ryohei: Japanese Visual Mixture Band

Shoya : I’m Shoya , the guitarist.

Kenji: EAT YOU ALIVE, bass Kenji.

Makoto: Nice to meet you all! I’m Kenji, the drummer of EAT YOU ALIVE, a visual-kei band from Nagoya!

VKEIOS: For a bit of history, could you take us back and share the story of the bands formation?

Hiro: After my band disbanded, I was looking for new members with Kenji. Then Ryohei and Makoto approached Kenji….that’s the story!

Ryohei: Destiny I guess.

Shoya: The other members can answer you.

Kenji: We formed our band after the separations of the bands we had been belonged to. 5 years later, Shoya joined us.

Makoto: The bands that each member was playing in have disbanded at the same period. I have approached Kenji and Ryohei. Kenji brought us Hiro and we formed this band! After that, Shoya joined us!

VKEIOS: Since your 2006 formation, what have been some of the greatest moments that you’ve experienced as a band?

Hiro: The after show of the one-man, before that Shoya joined us (lol)

Ryohei: Every moment was great for me

Shoya: We tried always to do our best but recent lives are becoming something so crazy.

Kenji: When “Lily” was finished.

Makoto: When this European tour was fixed!

VKEIOS: Over the years what are some of the most important lessons that you’ve learned (be it about yourselves, your instruments of choice, or even the music industry as a whole)?

Hiro: Everything. I learnt all I need to live.

Ryohei: Many things.Made me stronger

Shoya: people’s connection.

Kenji: Maybe we learned that we lack the finesse. (lol)

Makoto: I learned through the activities in EAT YOU ALIVE, how the music is something fantastic! Because I meet you now through what we play!

VKEIOS: It was announced this summer that EAT YOU ALIVE will disband this year - will all of you be remaining active as musicians, or are you considering moving on to different fields?

Hiro: I wish to remain active in music.

Ryohei: Done with playing music.Because when I started MaveRick I promised to my self that  this band will be my last band.

Shoya: Sorry, I have no idea for the moment.

Kenji: Nothing decided.

Makoto: I’m planning to keep working as a drummer! I wish to support other bands, recording session, also teaching!

Music | Touring

VKEIOS: Your last new single「KEYreleased Nov. 27 – what can you tell us about these tracks and their sound?

Hiro: Because it’s the last single, all of us put our favorite sounds freely. The song genre is different for each song but I think that it seems like ourselves.

Ryohei: Best of EAT  YOU ALIVE

Shoya: Each of 4 front men composed songs. I think that the color of each other is very well shown. By the way, “Key” is my song.

Kenji: the best 4 songs of the 4 composers!

Makoto: “Key” is very emotional as a compilation of EAT YOU ALIVE’s 8 years! Personally, I want you to feel the drum’s grooving!

VKEIOS: On Dec. 11, your will release two Best Of albums「Nkhsh」and「Malus」with titles referencing a serpent and apple respectively, could you tell us more about the overall theme of these two albums and how it reflects in selection of tracks?

Ryohei: Hiro knows

Shoya: Hiro will tell you.

Kenji: Can you ask to Hiro ?

Makoto: It’s Hiro’s impressions so it’s better to ask him about that. I’m very interested too (lol)

Hiro: We took image of the apple and the serpent from Adam & Eve story. The apple, in short, the forbidden fruit is to listen to our songs. I thought it would be nice if the listeners could find their new feeling for find another personality in their mind. The serpent represents something bad but I chose the songs which accentuate the extreme and dark parts of us.

VKEIOS: Your final oneman tour is titled「死を誘う枝垂れ桜、無垢の雛菊、美貌の薔薇、虚無のパンジー、死のケシ、思い出の勿忘草」- the flowers mentioned can all be seen in the cover art of your Best Of albums - would you be able to explain the meaning behind this title?

Ryohei: Hiro knows

Shoya: Hiro can explain you.

Kenji: Can you ask to Hiro?

Makoto: It’s Hiro’s idea.

Hiro: These words represent all of our activities until today.

VKEIOS: Looking at your discography as a whole, what are some of the things that you’re most proud of?

Hiro: I’m proud of all.

Ryohei: Everything

Shoya: Mmhh. I don’t know. Because I always took pride in all we had done.

Kenji: I’m proud to have released 2 albums and had composed over than 50 songs!

Makoto: I’m proud to been able to play music with these members until the last as EAT YOU ALIVE!

VKEIOS: How would you describe the growth and evolution of the band’s music over the years?

Hiro: I think that in recent years we have been turning to live performance and we had evolved in this way. Please be patient to see our show!

Ryohei: Lots of crappy bands

Shoya: I think that I have not archived my own revolution.

Kenji: I regret that’s turned too much to the entertainment.

Makoto: I think that the Japanese music scene is still growing and evolving. There are many good bands today and I’m so glad to see this evolution.

VKEIOS: You’ll be touring Europe for the first time in December – how do you feel having the opportunity to perform for some of your fans overseas?

Hiro: As it will be my first time to overseas, I’m worry about everything (lol)

Ryohei: Very honor

Shoya: I heard that overseas lives are very hot so I’m looking forward to see that.

Kenji: Because it was our dream to perform overseas, I’m having sleepless nights! I can’t wait to play over there !

Makoto: I’m so glad that our dream will come true! I’m looking forward!

VKEIOS: Your last live will be held on Dec.30 in Nagoya, what do you want to convey to your fans in this final performance?

Hiro: I only wish to see their smiles at the end.

Ryohei: Should be hard not to cry but have fun

Shoya: I wish that they will engrave our very last live deeply on their mind!

Kenji: I wish that they will see us off with smile! I don’t want tears because it’s too sad!

Makoto: I wish that they stop thinking of our disbanding and enjoy the best moment with us!


VKEIOS: What kind of impression or legacy do you hope EAT YOU ALIVE’s music has left behind?

Hiro: I hope that our music will keep staying in people’s mind.

Ryohei: One day people will know how EAT YOU ALIVE is cool

Shoya: I would be so happy if someone would start to play music because of our music.

Kenji: I hope to keep giving good influences to peoples.

Makoto: I would be so glad if EAT YOU ALIVE could give a desire to someone to play in a band! Also I hope that our music will keep being as music necessary for you!

VKEIOS: Please share an inspiring message for the upcoming year. What are the things you will strive for in 2014?

Hiro: I don’t know what to say! What I will be in next year!!?

Ryohei: Have fun living.

Shoya: I don’t know…(lol)

Kenji: I think to have times to have a look over myself! I will reset myself!

Makoto: I will go forward to my second dream! And I wish to make some trips next year!

VKEIOS: Thank you so much for your time! Do you have any closing statements for your fans and the readers at Visual KEIOS?

Hiro: I will be back to see you someday. Please wait me!

Ryohei: Thanks a lot for reading our interview see you soon!

Shoya: Thank you for reading, see you at the show!

Kenji: I decided to drink only Redbull during the European tour! I wanna taste some great European sweets with it! I mean…YOU! (lol)

Makoto: EAT YOU ALIVE, a visual-kei band from Nagoya will present some greatest moments! Please wait for us!

EAT YOU ALIVE Official Homepage


14/12: Paris, France @ Divan du Monde
15/12: Helsinki, Finland @ Gloria
17/12: Wroclaw, Poland @ Firlej + Swansong for a Raven
18/12: Prag, Czech Republic @ Futurum + Swansong for a Raven
20/12: Hamburg, Germany @ Headcrash + Hybrids
21/12: Cologne, Germany @ MTC + Hybrids
22/12: Moscow, Russia @ Little Rock

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Many thanks to the members of EAT YOU ALIVE for their time, and to B7Klan for coordinating this pre-tour interview. Questions written by Alicia R. Thomas.



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