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50 Questions with Yuki Aneyoshi of I-ai-


The Basics

Name: Yuki Aneyoshi

Part: Guitar

Birthday: 5/22

Birthplace/Hometown: Miyako City ,Iwate-ken , JAPAN

Nicknames other call by: Yuki , Anechang

Family: Mother , Father , Brother

Your Motto: Strongly, tenderly, beautifully

Pets you have/want: Cat

Special Skill: Secret

Weakness: Sweet scent

Good Habit: Secret

Bad Habit: Cleaning

Current Hobby: Collecting clothes

Little known fact about you: Up and down

A secret you don’t mind revealing: I don’t like sweets


First Instrument:  Electric Guitar

First CD you bought: X JAPAN [ BLUE BLOOD ]

First Live you attending: Live of my friends father

First Live you performed: 15 years old

First song you covered: Don’t remember

First song you wrote: Don’t remember


Favorite Song Right Now: Henry Purcell / Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary

Favorite Food: Shrimp

Favorite Drink: Coffee

Favorite Season: Winter

Favorite Holiday: Nothing in particular

Favorite Pastime: Music

Favorite Place: Place with a beautiful night view

Favorite Animal: Bird

Favorite Color: Black

Favorite Proverb: Tomorrow is another day

Favorite Kind of Gift: I’m glad for anything

Favorite Item that you own: My guitar

Favorite Source of Inspiration: Don’t know

Favorite Form of Entertainment: Life as a whole

Word Association

Music: Life

Life: Music

Art: All around us

Dream: Sleep

Night: Sad, Fun

Tears: Water

Joy: Good melody

Beauty: Women

Self: I-ai-

Best: “I got drunk tonight~”

Heart: Heart

Love: All

Strength: Soul

Tomorrow: Future

Now: “I’m hungry”


[tab:日本語 (Original Version)]


名前: Yuki Aneyoshi

パート: Guitar

誕生日: 5/22

出身: Miyako City ,Iwate-ken , JAPAN

ニックネーム: Yuki , Anechang

家族: Mother , Father , Brother

モットー: 強く優しく美しく 

飼っているペット・飼いたいペット: Cat

特別なスキル: ひみつ 

弱さ: 甘い匂い 

いい癖: ひみつ 

悪い癖: 掃除 

今の趣味: 洋服集め 

自分に関して裏: 山あり谷あり

漏らしていい秘密: 甘い食べ物が苦手


楽器: Electric Guitar


見たライブ: 友人の父親のライヴ 

やったライブ: 15歳 

カバーした曲: 憶えていない 

作った曲: 憶えていない 


: Henry Purcell / Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary

食べ物: 海老 

飲み物: コーヒー 

季節: 冬 

: 特にない

娯楽: 音楽 Music

場所: 夜景が綺麗な場所 

動物: 鳥 

: 黒 


プレゼント: 何でも嬉しい       

: ギター達 

思い付きの: 分からない 

エンタテインメント: 人生全て 


音楽: 人生 

ライフ: 音楽 

アート: 身の周りの全て 

: 睡眠 

: 悲しい、楽しい 

: 水 

幸せ: 良いメロディ 

美しさ: 女性 

自分: I-ai-

最高: 「今夜は酔っぱらったね~」 


: 全て 


明日: 未来

: 「お腹すいた」


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Q&A questions written by Alicia R. Thomas with contributions from C.Thomas. Many thanks to Yuki, Jessica and Nyanko Scandal Factory for making this possible! Special thanks to Haley of Nesshin Music for translating the question list to Japanese!

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