Tuesday, December 10, 2013

50 Questions with Nan of HOSHI★FURU‏

The Basics

Name: Nan

Part: Guitarist

Birthday: October 15

Birthplace/Hometown: Manila, Philippines/London, England

Nicknames other call by: Nana

Family: Mom, two brothers, one sister

Your Motto: I don’t have one

Pets you have/want: One cat, one English Bulldog, two guinea pigs. One day, I want to own a Tibetan Mastiff called Rampage.

Special Skill: Chain smoking

Weakness: Impulsive

Good Habit: I don’t litter

Bad Habit: I’m very mercurial

Current Hobby: Watching concert DVDs

Little known fact about you: I’m quite good at drawing

A secret you don’t mind revealing: It wouldn’t be a secret then


First Instrument: Piano

First CD you bought: Kill ‘Em All by Metallica

First Live you attending: Dream Theater in London, England, haha

First Live you performed: At the El Mocambo in Toronto, Canada with my first band

First song you covered: Jesus by Luna Sea with some friends

First song you wrote: The song “Hitoribocchi” on our debut EP is based on the first song I ever wrote


Favorite Song Right Now: My Foolish Heart ~Crazy On Shibuya~ by Soil & Pimp Sessions feat. Ringo Sheena

Favorite Food: I’m not picky

Favorite Drink: Ice cold water

Favorite Season: Autumn/Fall or Spring

Favorite Holiday: I don’t have one, but I guess Christmas or the New Year because the weather is cold and I get to stay at home

Favorite Pastime: I don’t know

Favorite Place: Home

Favorite Animal: Polar bears or tigers

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Proverb: I don’t have one

Favorite Kind of Gift: I don’t like receiving gifts because it makes me think that I have to give something in return

Favorite Item that you own: My PlayStation 2 video game collection, I guess

Favorite Source of Inspiration: Emotions

Favorite Form of Entertainment: Video games and local shows

Word Association

Music: Life

Life: Hard

Art: Style

Dream: Theatre, haha

Night: Time

Tears: Crying

Joy: Happiness

Beauty: And stupid

Self: Loathing

Best: Partner (I’m a big fan of the J-Pop singer Jasmine and she has a song called “Best Partner”, haha)

Heart: Have Heart, haha

Love: Peace

Strength: Mental

Tomorrow: Today

Now: Or never

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Q&A questions written by Alicia R. Thomas with contributions from C.Thomas.

Many thanks to Nan, Andreana M. and The East/West Sound, our lovely partner site, for making this possible!
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