Tuesday, December 10, 2013

50 Questions with Maria of HOSHI★FURU‏

The Basics

Name: Maria
Part: Vocalist, lyricist
Birthday: Secret
Birthplace/Hometown: Scarborough, Ontario
Nicknames other call by: Ria, M
Family: Secret
Your Motto: “I’m hungry...”
Pets you have/want: Something that meows... <3
Special Skill: Photoshop
Weakness: Spitting my game/rap
Good Habit: Cook for myself
Bad Habit: Eating too much
Current Hobby: Trying to save up...
Little known fact about you: Apparently I freak people out when I scream...
A secret you don’t mind revealing: I had the biggest crush over Tatsuhi (SOROBAN days only), hahaha!


First Instrument: Trumpet
First CD you bought: ANCAFE - AMEDAMA ROCK
First Live you attended: Yellowcard (2004)
First Live you performed: The Reverb (2008)
First song you covered: 12012 - SHUDDER
First song you wrote: ANATA


Favorite Song Right Now: SUPERCAR - ELECTRIC SEA
Favorite Food: Okonomiyaki☆★
Favorite Drink: Hard cider
Favorite Season: Autumn/Fall
Favorite Holiday: All long weekends
Favorite Pastime: Watching Food Network
Favorite Place: TAKESHITA-DORI!!!!
Favorite Animal: Lions
Favorite Color: Whatever looks nice!!
Favorite Proverb:
“Take my pink bandana, wrap it around my head, and let me die.” - Lil B the #BasedGod
Favorite Kind of Gift: Cash monies
Favorite Item that you own: Everything I own
Favorite Source of Inspiration: Going to shows
Favorite Form of Entertainment: Going to more shows!!

Word Association

Music: Everything
Life: Is pretty good
Art: Depends
Dream: Sleep
Night: Stars
Tears: Cry
Joy: Division (Nick's a biter)
Beauty: Inside
Self: Destruct
Best: Music
Heart: Pumps blood
Love: Family
Strength: Danny’s muscles
Tomorrow: Yesterday
Now: Or never

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Q&A questions written by Alicia R. Thomas with contributions from C.Thomas.

Many thanks to Maria, Andreana M. and The East/West Sound, our lovely partner site, for making this possible!
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