Sunday, December 1, 2013

50 Questions with MA-YA of Pan-d-ra

The Basics

Name: MA-YA

Part: Bass

Birthday: 03/22

Birthplace/Hometown: Tokyo

Nicknames other call by: Maaya

Family: Father, mother, younger brother

Your Motto: Have a positive attitude to anything

Pets you have/want: I dislike pets so I don’t have any

Special Skill: English language test, Kanji test, car license test etc.

Weakness: Birds

Good Habit: If I go to sleep I can forget unpleasant things

Bad Habit: I cry a lot

Current Hobby: Watching dramas

Little known fact about you: Recently I always sleep.

A secret you don’t mind revealing: I dislike secrets so I don’t have any


First Instrument: Trumpet

First CD you bought: Hit songs from a certain comedian

First Live you attended: Tokyo at Nippon Budokan

First Live you performed: My high school cultural festival

First song you covered: “Stand By Me”

First song you wrote: A bright song with a slow tempo


Favorite Song Right Now: Glay’s “Glorious” and Morning Musume’s “Osaka Koi no Uta”

Favorite Food: Stew

Favorite Drink: Coffee

Favorite Season: Spring

Favorite Holiday: Walking

Favorite Pastime: Television

Favorite Place: My own room

Favorite Animal: Squirrel

Favorite Color: Pink and Light blue

Favorite Proverb: Once-in-a-lifetime Chance

Favorite Kind of Gift: Letters

Favorite Item that you own: Music box

Favorite Source of Inspiration: Japanese music, rock, pops

Favorite Form of Entertainment: Special effects

Word Association

Music: Rock

Life: Food, clothing, shelter

Art: Expression

Dream: Something fulfilled

Night: Sleeping (-_-)゜zzz…

Tears: Feelings

Joy: Smiling faces

Beauty: Dawn sky

Self: Easy-going person

Best: Concerts

Heart: Something that changed depending on oneself

Love: The meaning of life.

Strength: Kindness

Tomorrow: Hope

Now: Here

Pan-d-ra Official Homepage


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Q&A questions written by Alicia R. Thomas with contributions from C.Thomas. Many thanks to MA-YA, their promoters Nesshin Music and a special thank you to Haley of Nesshin Music for translating. Thank you all for making this possible!

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