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50 Questions with Hiroaki Nakashima of I-ai-


The Basics

Name: Hiroaki Nakashima

Part: Vocal

Birthday: 12/29

Birthplace/Hometown: Hanamaki City ,Iwate-ken , JAPAN

Nicknames other call by: Hiro , Hiroro , Hirorock

Family: people all over the world

Your Motto: The life does not come twice

Pets you have/want: Dog

Special Skill: Secret

Weakness: Human kindness      

Good Habit: Secret

Bad Habit: Bathing for 3 hours

Current Hobby: Training, bathing

Little known fact about you: It’s continuous miracles ^^

A secret you don’t mind revealing: Extremely shy person


First Instrument: Acoustic Guitar

First CD you bought: Michael Jackson [ BAD ]

First Live you attending: My vocalist friend’s live

First Live you performed: 17 years old, LUNA SEA cover

First song you covered: BUCK-TICK [JUPITER]

First song you wrote: About 15 years old, a song called [Dolphin]^^


Favorite Song Right Now: Frédéric François Chopin / Nocturne No. 20 in C sharp minor (op. posthumous)

Favorite Food: Sashimi, raw things

Favorite Drink: Red wine, beer, coffee

Favorite Season: Autumn~Winter

Favorite Holiday: Nothing in particular

Favorite Pastime: Bathing

Favorite Place: The place where the family lies

Favorite Animal: Dog

Favorite Color: Clear

Favorite Proverb: Love Saves the World

Favorite Kind of Gift: Heart

Favorite Item that you own: My songs

Favorite Source of Inspiration: My songs

Favorite Form of Entertainment: My songs

Word Association

Music: Soul remains forever

Life: Duty

Art: Imagination

Dream: Tomorrow

Night: Time to reflect on oneself

Tears: Turning Point

Joy: Smile

Beauty: Purity

Self: I-ai-

Best: Level UP

Heart: Ribbon

Love: Palm

Strength: Belief

Tomorrow: Continuation

Now: Myself

[tab:日本語 (Original Version)]


名前: Hiroaki Nakashima

Part: Vocal

誕生日: 12/29

出身: Hanamaki City ,Iwate-ken , JAPAN

ニックネーム: Hiro , Hiroro , Hirorock

家族:  people all over the world

モットー: The life does not come twice (人生は二度来ない)

飼っているペット・飼いたいペット: Dog

特別なスキル: ひみつ

弱さ: 人の優しさに弱い

いい癖: ひみつ

悪い癖: 入浴が3時間

今の趣味: トレーニング 、入浴

自分に関して裏: 奇跡の連続です^^

漏らしていい秘密: 極度の人見知り


楽器: Acoustic Guitar

買ったCD: Michael Jackson [ BAD ]

見たライブ: 自分をVocalistにしてくれた友人のライヴ

やったライブ: 17歳 、 LUNA SEAのカバー


作った曲: 15歳の頃、[Dolphin]って曲^^


: Frédéric François Chopin / ノクターン第20番嬰ハ短調(遺作)

食べ物: 刺身、生もの

飲み物: 赤ワイン 、 ビール 、コーヒー

季節: 秋~冬

: 特にない

娯楽: 入浴

場所: 仲間が眠る丘


: Clear

ことわざ: 愛は世界を救う


: 自分の曲

思い付きの: 自分の曲

エンタテインメント: 自分の曲


音楽: 永遠に残る魂

ライフ:  Duty

アート: 想像力

: 明日

: 自分と向き合う時間

: Turning Point

幸せ: 笑顔

美しさ: 純粋さ

自分: I-ai-

最高: Level UP

: リボン


強さ: 信念

明日: 続き

: 自分


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Q&A questions written by Alicia R. Thomas with contributions from C.Thomas. Many thanks to Hiroaki, Jessica and Nyanko Scandal Factory for making this possible! Special thanks to Haley of Nesshin Music for translating the question list to Japanese!

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