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T.M. Revolution at OTAKON - Live report by ARThomas published on musicJAPANplus!

10372t_20131101062436_romuviplzuVisual KEIOS' own Editor in Chief Alicia R. Thomas (ARThomas) has published a live report on T.M. Revolution's OTAKON performance on the popular J-music website "musicJAPANplus".
August 9-11, 2013 held OTAKON's 20th anniversary at the Baltimore Convention Center. Among their amazing 2013 guest list were four spectacular musical guests; T.M.Revolution, HOME MADE KAZOKU, Chiaki Ishikawa and Yoko Kanno. On Saturday, August 10th, HOME MADE KAZOKU and T.M.Revolution performed back to back at the 1ST MARINER ARENA for a highly exuberant audience.

After an incredible performance by HOME MADE KAZOKU, who had everyone up on their feet, singing and dancing to hits like and "Thank You!!" and their newest release "Kimigaitakara". There was a short intermission following their performance, music blaring throughout the theatre as fans chattered, cheered and sang as they waited for the second act of the night; T.M.Revolution, who would soon delight the crowd with many of his most infamous anime hits.

When the music abruptly cut and a deep rumble sounded the crowd chanted together "T.M.R.!! T.M.R.!!" as the support members took the stage in the near-darkness broken by bright laser lights. Sunao and Shibasaki Hiroshi, well known as the guitarists of abingdon boys school, along with IKUO and Koji Hasegawa, on bass and drums respectively, who are both support members of abingdon boys school.

Everyone clapped together, the tempo of the background music steadily increased until it climaxed with a deep boom. T.M.Revolution took the stage in stunning ensemble. Draped in black and deep golds abound, he was dressed to impress from head to toe. If I remember his statement during Friday's panel correctly, he was wearing various pieces from all of his previous INAZUMA ROCK FES. costumes, the result was incredibly nice to look at, and throughout the show he removed pieces, sometimes revealing hidden elements. Best of all he wore one of the brightest smiles I've ever seen.

His amazing show began with his latest song "Preserved Roses" the opening of Valvrave the Liberator. Created in collaboration with the well-known singer Nana Mizuki; and though Miss Mizuki wasn't there, her lovely vocals could be heard on a backing track. The tempo of the song is energetic yet somewhat light; I think it was an excellent song to start off the show. With a crashing beat came the opening for Sengoku Basara: The Last Party, "FLAGS" solid and powerful with Nishikawa's almost authoritative opening lyrics and impressively long-carrying notes spurring adoring cheers left and right.

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