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Interview with Ryo Fujimura

About | History

VKEIOS: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us! To begin could you introduce yourselves for our readers?

Ryo: I'm just a Jap-rocker, and I'm the core of the band RUTEN.

VKEIOS: For a bit of history, could you tell us a bit about your journey and history as a musician?

Ryo: 12 years ago I had a band called AciD FlavoR, during 10 years, but unfortunately the story stopped and I must focus on my solo work, until this year. In 2013, I started a new band called RUTEN.

VKEIOS: You played music from the age of three, was there anyone in particular influence you to learn guitar at seventeen?

Ryo: It's really simple. Takuro, the guitarist of the Japanese band Glay, he was my influence. I wanted to make my own song and I learned by listening and covering Glay. I was really impressed by their guitarist and composer!

VKEIOS: You have experience working in a band and as a solo artist, what are the most pleasant aspects of each?

Ryo: In a band, I have to think about “being part” of a team. I receive advice and the others can control my work, in a positive meaning. The band is not mine, it's ours. As a solo, I don't think like that, I have to do everything by myself, but at the same time I don't have to hesitate about doing this, and that...


VKEIOS: You’ve been working on a new album which you’ve said will be heavier than any of your previous works – what has inspired this new direction in terms of sound?

Ryo: I listened to the last album of Dir en Grey, it was very impressive for me, as well as some American heavy rock sound. I can not take so much from them, but I tried to be more heavy.

VKEIOS: Thus far, which song do you think best displays your broad range of skills as a musician?

Ryo: Always the latest one, from Junk Art Fragments. I mean, I hope my latest works are always better than the former one. It means I evolve as a musician.

VKEIOS: Is there a reason you chose to switch to the 7-stringed guitar? What kind of sound does the extra string help to create?

Ryo: Only because of the range. I need a wider range than some other guitarists, it's the only reason. Steve Vai or John Petrucci use it also, and probably I was influences by them. It's from them I found the sound of the 7-strings.

VKEIOS: Looking at your body of work as a whole, both in bands and an as a solo artist, what are the things that you’re most proud of?

Ryo: I played 10 years in the same band, I'm proud of it. It's quite hard to keep the same band that long.

Touring | Performing

VKEIOS: From Nov.23rd you’ll be touring Europe with HITT, could you share your impressions of him and his music, and tell us how you feel about performing alongside him?

Ryo: At first, I thought he was just a rock n'roller, typical. But he has so much respect to me and we have long conversations, I was really surprised, he' s straight to his music, he's a respectable person. I felt sometimes jealous about him, because we have a contract in the same company and we played in the same events, same places, but it was really stupid, cause he's now someone I respect a lot.

VKEIOS: One of the dates in your tour is Ramen Events 6th year Anniversary event, how does it feel being able to perform as a part of their celebration?

Ryo: This tour is 2 years and half since my last concert in Europe, it's a very simple pleasure to play back here, and I hope the activities will rise up and up with the years.

VKEIOS: You’ve performed overseas several times, what are some of your favorite thing about touring outside of Japan?

Ryo: Sometimes I become the 1st Japanese artist to play in some place, some event. Of course I feel some pressure about that. It's like I represent my country, I feel some pressure but it turns to pleasure. That's one of my favorite points about the overseas concert.

VKEIOS: As a performer, stage presence is very important – how would you currently describe your stage presence? And do you think it’s evolved over time?

Ryo: It's only experience, not practice. We never have a stage practice, it just depends of the mind, experience on stage. Just a question of time to achieve a kind of presence on stage.

2014 | Beyond

VKEIOS: With the end of the year approaching,  what are some of your immediate goals for 2014?

Ryo: I want to provide RUTEN sound to the world, so I must at first find some major deal in Japan.

VKEIOS: Beyond 2014 what are some of your far-reaching goals - what things would you like to experience or experiment with in the years to come?

Ryo: I want to be happier than now, I don't have details about it. I believe, I can be happier everyday, because I'm always thinking that tomorrow will be better.

VKEIOS: Thank you again for your time! Do you have any closing statements that you’d like to add for our readers at Visual KEIOS?

Ryo: I hope people will be interested in Japanese culture, music and style, and I'm really happy to get the chance to talk to the readers of Visual KEIOS. I hope your interest for Japan will last and you can keep your love forever! Thank you very much for reading!

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Ryo Fujimura Official Home Page


HITT + Ryo Fujimura/ Coupling Tour – Nov 2013

23 nov.: HITT à Anim’est, Nancy, FRANCE
23 nov. (20h): café-concert avec les 2 artistes à la MJC Pichon, Nancy
24 nov.: Ryo Fujimura à Anim’Est, Nancy
28 nov. : Garage Deluxe, Munich, Germany
29 nov. : Rock Box, Luxembourg, LU
30 nov. : 6 ans Râmen Events – Bar Live 301 , Roubaix, France
1 dec.. : 6 years Râmen Events - 330Live NL, Den Haag, Netherlands
6 dec. : Le Maquis, Besançon, France
7 dec. : Abracadabar, Paris, France
8 dec. : LR6, Bruxelles, Belgique


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Interview written by Alicia R. Thomas with contributions from Michelle Gaynor. Many thanks to Ryo Fujimura as well as David and Ramen Events for making this possible!

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