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Interview with HITT

About | History

VKEIOS: Thank you for taking the time for this interview, could you introduce yourselves for our readers?

HITT: I'm HITT, great Japanese singer from Tokyo!

VKEIOS: For a bit of history, could you tell us a bit about your journey and history as a musician?

HITT: I started music at the age of 17, my first experience was with my punk band BBDan, then HITman, from here comes my name. Then I became a solo artist.

VKEIOS:  Having performed both in groups and individually, what are the most pleasant aspects of each?

HITT: I clearly prefer to be a solo artist, I can do exactly the music I like. And I must admit I like to receive all the attention!

VKEIOS: In addition to singing, you can play a number of different instruments, but if you had to choose a favorite, which position/instrument do you associate yourself with most?

HITT: Of course, piano!


VKEIOS: Your new mini album “NO SINGING NO LIFE”, which you recorded in France, will release on Nov.22nd – can you tell us more about the release?

HITT: This mini album has some acoustic songs, recorded in France indeed, I want people to focus on the vocal performance and melody I put in this. The vocal part was very important for this CD, more than for the other ones. About the title song, No Singing No Life, this song is a little bit melancholic, but with a lot of hope inside! These lyrics are very honest about my feelings, I like this song so much.

VKEIOS: What are some of the most important things that you’ve learned when it comes to the process of creating new music?

HITT: Music taught me a lot. But the most important things are not about skills or technique, it's about the relation to the other people. Thanks to my music creation, I can meet people, musicians, fans, new friends. It means a lot in my life.

VKEIOS: If you could choose one or two songs that really embody your current style, which songs would you choose?

HITT: Kakkotsuke Man and Chouchou, 2 of my tracks. Kakkostuke Man is full of energy, it's my showy part, “I'm great, I'm super cool”, but Chouchou represents my weak points, my sad part. Both are me.

VKEIOS: Throughout your career, how have you evolved as a musician and how has music changed you as a person?

HITT: I had many experiences as a musician. In a band or solo... Always, I try to fit the taste and feelings of my audience. I can play for anybody. I mean, I can give a show in front of all generations, and I can feel what they like. I guess music made evolve my social sense and my relation to people.

Touring | Performing

VKEIOS: Thinking about all the concerts you’ve performed, what are some of the best moments that stand out in your mind?

HITT: In Japan, when I said to fans about the fact I will join the band OTOKAGE (as a bassist) in 2008, all fans were crying almost, they were worrying I would stop my activities as HITT, but I promised I'll never stop. So the mood became very cheerful and beautiful moment.

VKEIOS: Starting from Nov. 23rd you’ll embark on another Europen tour. Having performed there several times, are there any songs that are seem especially popular among your European fans?

HITT: Kakkotsuke Man and Face

VKEIOS: You’ll be touring Europe with Ryo Fujmura, could you share your impressions of him and his music, and tell us how you feel about performing alongside him?

HITT: Music is the most important thing in his life, he's mysterious and unique, he's the only person I met like him, he's irreplaceable. He has a real confidence in his music, he plays very cool rock, a little bit cold. He's not emotional like me. We are totally different as for the character and way of thinking, but we are totally straight on our path, that's why we can understand each other and tour together.

VKEIOS: One of the dates in your tour is Ramen Events 6th year Anniversary event, how does it feel being able to perform as a part of their celebration?

HITT: Râmen Events and I are together since almost 5 years now. I always feel hope about the future, and at the same time I worry, because I don't know the future. At the beginning I didn't expect I could sing in Europe for such a long time, now it's being 5 years, and I always wonder if tomorrow I'll be able to come back. This is the 6th anniversary, I'll play there with Ryo, who is in the company from the very first day, I'm very proud of that and I'm really thankful.

2014 | Beyond

VKEIOS: With the end of the year approaching, what are some of your immediate goals for 2014?

HITT: I'm planning a bigger venue for my one man show in 2014, January, I hope I can reach success for this plan. This is my immediate target, I really want to play in a bigger venue, I want all my friends and fans gathered there.

VKEIOS: Beyond 2014 what are some of your far-reaching goals - what things would you like to experience or experiment with in the years to come?

HITT: It's hard for me to answer. I just hope I can continue singing forever, and I hope people will know all my song, even in the future generations, with some other artists covering it! I don't know it's just a dream...

VKEIOS: Thank you again for your time! Do you have any closing statements that you’d like to add for our readers at Visual KEIOS?

HITT: I thank everybody and I'm glad you know about me and heard about me! Thank for giving me this opportunity to be read by you! I hope my music will touch your heart and life! You no heart ni Megahitt!

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HITT Official Home Page


HITT + Ryo Fujimura/ Coupling Tour – Nov 2013

23 nov.: HITT à Anim’est, Nancy, FRANCE
23 nov. (20h): café-concert avec les 2 artistes à la MJC Pichon, Nancy
24 nov.: Ryo Fujimura à Anim’Est, Nancy
28 nov. : Garage Deluxe, Munich, Germany
29 nov. : Rock Box, Luxembourg, LU
30 nov. : 6 ans Râmen Events – Bar Live 301 , Roubaix, France
1 dec.. : 6 years Râmen Events - 330Live NL, Den Haag, Netherlands
6 dec. : Le Maquis, Besançon, France
7 dec. : Abracadabar, Paris, France
8 dec. : LR6, Bruxelles, Belgique


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Interview written by Alicia R. Thomas with contributions from Michelle Gaynor. Many thanks to HITT as well as David and Ramen Events for making this possible!

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