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Eye Empire has built a following through unwavering perseverance. They are true road warriors, sacrificing the comforts of home with an unwavering belief in the dream. Over the past several years, the band has staged more than 600 performances building a community that has rallied around the mantra "Love, Respect, Support." On October 29, the next chapter begins with the release of EVOLVE.

Their collective mantra of "Love, Respect, Support," is one they practice internally, in all interaction with the fan base, and inevitably embrace with near evangelical fervor in the live show. Their mission is community, and unequivocally they have begun to build one that is populated by fans, friends, and other artists, covering corners of the globe from Ukraine to Ypsilanti and Santiago to San Francisco. Singer Donald "DC" Carpenter shares, "For me, it is something I feel is needed in the overall picture. Three Simple words that say so much: Embrace Love Not Hate & Judgment. Respect Everyone no Matter Race, Creed or Preference and Support Each Other by Being Present & Active. If you are at an Eye Empire Show, then we are all there for the same reason."

The members of Eye Empire have all seen success in the past through other ensembles. The origin of the band began in 2007 when Corey Lowery (Stuck Mojo / Stereomud / Dark New Day) and B.C. Kochmit (Switched) began to collaborate. Lowery remembers, "BC and I started playing together when he was in Switched, and I knew that he would be the guitar player that I would one day create something special and lasting with. He has a great sense of melody with rhythm and solos and a great understanding of arrangement and what's best for the song. He knows the difference between shredding and holding one note, and making that one note sing. He truly has his own style as an artist." [ See full bio ]

Release Date: 10/29/2013

Track Listing:
01) One Day
02) The War Isn't Over Yet
03) Rise (Wake Up)
04) Beyond The Stars
05) Within
06) Weakness
07) Bleed
08) Head High
09) The Man I Am
10) Cant Forget
11) Dont Look Back
12) Live Loud

EVOLVE is available for purchase on iTunes as well as the bands own personal webstore. [ See here for details ]

EYE EMPIRE Official Homepage | Official Facebook Page

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EVOLVE was my introduction to EYE EMPIRE, and what a great introduction it was!

Their skill and experience are evident in each track and the thing that impresses me most is the great sense of balance. While maintaining solid intensity their songs hold a smooth quality that feels effortless in it's intricacy. It makes it easy to get lost in this album, something that you'll replay again and again, empowered by the sound without being overwhelmed. Beyond The Stars, Within, The Man I Am and Live Loud are among my favorite tracks on this album.

Many thanks to Steve Karas for introducing me to EYE EMPIRE and their work. I look forward to hearing more.
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