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DIR EN GREY GHOUL TOUR 2013 with Special Guests DAGOBA - Center Stagein Atlanta, GA

November 6th, 2013 – Center Stage Theatre in Atlanta, Georgia. The line was building long hours before doors opened, filled with Georgia residents as well as many fans who traveled from out of state to see the band's only performance in the southeast during this tour of North America.

DIR EN GREY’s opening act for their GHOUL Tour is the French metal band DAGOBA. I didn't know what to except, as I hadn’t experienced their music prior to the show - I found myself very pleased that I was able to experience their talent in a live setting. I was very impressed with their powerful performance and it seemed that Atlanta’s crowd was equally impressed, responding to the band with great energy. They are an act that you won’t want to miss.

When DIR EN GREY took the stage, they set it ablaze. The atmosphere that the five members created was so intense that it was almost tangible. Toshiya and Shinya, profound and authoritative in the solid foundation that they create from the rhythm section, Kaoru and Die, adding dynamic and rich complexity with their guitars, and Kyo, finishing it off with his broad and at times otherworldly vocal range. This was without a doubt the best performance that I’ve personally witnessed from them.

Their setlist held a very well-rounded feeling; their newer works intermixed with several remakes of their older songs. Having the opportunity to experience their older songs live, while still being able to appreciate their growth and the skillful way in which they reshape their old tracks was a pleasure for many, myself included.

Flooding before the stage Atlanta’s passionate and exuberant audience cheered, screamed and all but roared with each song. The ‘language barrier’ is a topic often spoken about, but at that moment it seems to be an obstacle that didn't exist. While many knew the lyrics by heart, those who didn’t could feel their intention and their message all the same. DIR EN GREY had the crowd riled up from start to finish; the exchange of energy between the band and the audience was incredible. A feast for the ears, their music spoke volumes - transcending all barriers. Visually they were impactful, from their body language down to the slightest changes in their countenance. Their stage presence was captivating and unrelenting through the entirety of their performance.

It was with smiles and a rather playful energy that they left the stage after tossing their picks, water bottles and drumsticks to the crowd. It was winter of 2011 when they last toured through the US and Atlanta’s audience was absolutely thrilled to have them back - a feeling that I'm sure can be shared by all audiences throughout their tour. It was impossible to leave the venue feeling anything but satisfied.

DIR EN GREY's GHOUL TOUR is still rolling, ending on November 24th - if you have an opportunity to see them, by all means, take it! You can keep track of the tours progression on their official Facebook page. Before their final performance, the band will hold a special in-store signing at SoundCheck Hollywood for the first 120 people to purchase their new EP "THE UNRAVELING".

DIR EN GREY at Center Stage, Atlanta, GA – November 6th, 2013

OBSCURE (2011 Ver.)
Unknown.Despair.Lost (2013 Ver.)
KARMA (2013 Ver.)
Bottom of the death valley (2013 Ver.)
dead tree
INWARD SCREAM (music only)
-karasu- (2013 Ver.)
KASUMI (2013 Ver.)
THE FINAL (2013 Ver.)


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Report and photography by Alicia R. Thomas. Many thanks to DIR EN GREY, DAGOBA, Steve Karas, Rival Entertainment and everyone who made this performance and this opportunity possible.
Stay tuned for a report from a contributor who experienced a DIR EN GREY live performance for the first time, after years of following their music!

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