Thursday, November 14, 2013

Calmando Qual - Yami o Tsuranuku Gekijou no Kagayaki「闇を貫く激情の輝 き」

swcq-5Calmando Qual is a band that has definitely gone through some changes since it first began activities in 2001.  During this time they've had several line-up changes, and even a name, but always a continuous pursuit of creating a sound that is uniquely Calmando Qual. 2013 saw the release of 闇を貫く激情の輝き (Yami o Tsuranuku Gekijou no Kagayaki)ami at the end of January.

闇を貫く激情の輝き”, is not only the title of this maxi-single, it's also the first song.  It starts out slow and steady, and it starts to alternate between smooth and high-energy until finally sticking with the energy.  It's such a dark song, fitting completely in with Calmando Qual's normal sound and vision.  Despite losing the surge of power from the instruments at times, it doesn't lose its actual energy or creepiness.  I believe this is helped by Hibiki's voice.  Although the instruments do play a large part in the song, including an instrumental section over a minute long. In Hibiki’s own words, the songs message is “You’re not alone! Just believe in the world of your own that you’ve yet to see, and keep living!”

The next song is “CRUSH!” which is even creepier than the last.  This song is perfect for a Halloween dance party, It's just pure nitty-gritty heavy.  This song is quite captivating, especially when it comes to the instrumental section.  It starts off rather slow, but it slowly picks up into a groovy style.  After “CRUSH!” comes “モノクローム”.  This song is a lot slower than the rest, but it doesn't lack in anything.  If anything this song draws you in that much more.  You just can't help but want to hear all that the band is bringing to the table.  The instrumental break in this song is truly a soul-captivating one.  Out of all the songs on this maxi-single, this is my favorite.  It really speaks to the listener in a way that only music can.  The last song on this maxi-single is sort of like a bonus track.  “deep sea” is a purely instrumental track that is one minute and 45 seconds of pure transcendence.  I could listen to it a million times over and never get bored of it.

All in all, I really enjoyed this maxi-single and recommend that any fans interested in gothic music, or those who are interested in hearing it, grab a copy.  I give it an 8/10 and award Calmando Qual the title of November's Artist of the Month. The band was to have their US debut on Halloween day, but sadly do to circumstances beyond their control, the event was canceled. Still we want to show our continued support of Calmando Qual and their work, with hopes that they’ll make their US debut in the near future.

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Review written by Michelle R. Gaynor (Tenten); the queen of sparkles, and edited by the corseted goddess known as Alicia R. Thomas.

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