Tuesday, November 12, 2013

50 Questions with Sarino of NINJAMAN JAPAN

The Basics

Name: Sarino

Position within your band: Vocal

Birthday: 9/25

Birthplace/Hometown: Tokyo

Nicknames other call by: Sary, Sarinon

Family: Mother, older sister, younger sister (dog)

Your Motto: You open your own future

Pets you have/want: A dog (Yorkshire Terrier)

Special Skill: I can speak to animals

Weakness: I have no strength when my stomach is empty

Good Habit: If I decide something once, I enforce it

Bad Habit: I oversleep a lot

Current Hobby: Illustration

Little known fact about you: I often get picked up by stray cats

A secret you don’t mind revealing: I hate bugs


First Instrument: Electone

First CD you bought: TRF

First Live you attended: Kyosuke Himuro

First Live you performed: At my middle school's, “Farewell Ceremony for the Third Year Students”

First song you covered: LUNA SEA

First song you wrote: “Konpeki no Kesshou”


Favorite Song Right Now: Imagine – John Lennon

Favorite Food: Fried chicken

Favorite Drink: monster

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Holiday: Going for a walk

Favorite Pastime: Driving

Favorite Place: A vacant park

Favorite Animal: dooooooog!!!!

Favorite Color: red

Favorite Proverb: No time like the present

Favorite Kind of Gift: Rings

Favorite Item that you own: A one of a kind guitar (ESP HORIZON custom)

Favorite Source of Inspiration: LUNA SEA

Favorite Form of Entertainment: LUNA SEA

Word Association

Music: Life

Life: Music

Art: I like it

Dream: The most important thing

Night: Moon, Starry skies

Tears: Truth

Joy: Love

Beauty: Pure

Self: Expressionist

Best: Concerts

Heart: One in the world

Love: Joy

Strength: A heart that doesn’t lose

Tomorrow: Building things

Now: An important moment which can’t be visited again

Sarino on Twitter | NINJAMAN JAPAN Official Homepage



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Q&A questions written by Alicia R. Thomas with contributions from C.Thomas. Many thanks to Sarino, NINJAMAN JAPAN's producer Akemi Oshima, their promoters Nesshin Music and a special thank you to Haley of Nesshin Music for translating, thank you are for making this possible!

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