Monday, November 25, 2013

50 Questions with Ryo Fujimura

The Basics

Name: Ryo Fujimura

Part: Guitar and vocals

Birthday: Feb 24

Birthplace/Hometown: Saitama

Nicknames other call by: Ryo-ni-san

Family: I have one brother and one sister

Your Motto: Life is interesting

Pets you have/want: One cat at my parents place

Special Skill: Perfect pitch

Weakness: I don't feel good in the crowd, like public trains or something

Good Habit: I can keep silence and secrets.

Bad Habit: A little bit too cynical to people. I try to pay attention to people but sometimes my point of view is a bit strange and yes, too cynical.

Current Hobby: Driving and find good night views, cycling and video game.

Little known fact about you: Secret!

A secret you don’t mind revealing: Secret!


First Instrument: Organ

First CD you bought: Glay, second album Beat Out

First Live you attending: L'arc en Ciel in Nippon Budokan when I was 16.

First Live you performed: I had my first piano recital at the age of... 4 years old? Then as a rock musician, I was 16, I played the keyboard in my high school band, I was the only one keyboard player in our music club, I had to play in 10 bands at least!

First song you covered: Game songs, like Final Fantasy soundtracks, but as a musician, I covered a song of the band EinsVier, Melody.  It seems easy to me, at the beginning.

First song you wrote: I was 16 yo, I wrote a song called Believe.


Favorite Song Right Now: Goo Goo Dolls, Rebel beat

Favorite Food: bread

Favorite Drink: scotch, bourbon...

Favorite Season: Spring

Favorite Holiday: New Year’s days

Favorite Pastime: Have a music session with my band members

Favorite Place: I have so many, but... Tokyo is my favourite place.

Favorite Animal: Cat

Favorite Color: Blue

Favorite Proverb: Everything must pass, as George Harrison said

Favorite Kind of Gift: letter, message

Favorite Item that you own:  My 7-strings guitar, Blue

Favorite Source of Inspiration: Inside of my mind, my experiences and daily life, and also some old poems like Verlaine, that kind of things give me inspiration.

Favorite Form of Entertainment: Motor sports, Formula 1

Word Association

Music: my lover

Life: interesting

Art: visible things

Dream: fuel

Night: best time

Tears: water

Joy: never satisfied desire

Beauty: created things, human creation

Self: I'll never know myself

Best: Better than yesterday, not good as tomorrow

Heart: invisible

Love: passion and time

Strength: necessary things to be on tour!

Tomorrow: better than today!

Now: “now”, we never catch it!

Ryo Fujimura Official Home Page


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Q&A questions written by Alicia R. Thomas with contributions from C.Thomas. Many thanks to Ryo Fujimura as well as David and Ramen Events for making this possible!

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