Tuesday, November 12, 2013

50 Questions with Lida of NINJAMAN JAPAN

The Basics

Name: Lida

Position within your band: Guitar

Birthday: 1.16

Birthplace/Hometown: JAPAN

Nicknames other call by: Lida

Family: Mother, older sister

Your Motto: “One smile a day.”

Pets you have/want: There is one cat at home, and I want to keep a cameleon and an armadillo

Special Skill: I am skilled with my hands.

Weakness: I unintentionally take in too many carbs.

Good Habit: I unintentionally say puns.

Bad Habit: I say boring puns.

Current Hobby: Making masks, collecting figures, wire puzzles…

Little known fact about you: Truthfully my nose is strong so I’m sensitive to smell. Gluttony.

A secret you don’t mind revealing: I can’t reveal my secrets!


First Instrument: A wine red Stratocaster.

First CD you bought: Sekima II’s “Worst”

First Live you attended: A classmate’s live.

First Live you performed: In 1996 in a local livehouse.

First song you covered: Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi’s “Junrenka”

First song you wrote: A song called, “Sera.”


Favorite Song Right Now: I have too many.

Favorite Food: Sushi

Favorite Drink: Water

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Holiday: Going for a walk.

Favorite Pastime: Watching movies.

Favorite Place: A natural place.

Favorite Animal: Dogs, cats.

Favorite Color: Black, red, blue.

Favorite Proverb: “Don’t forget your original intention.”

Favorite Kind of Gift: T-shirt.

Favorite Item that you own: My GUITAR

Favorite Source of Inspiration: Everything that exists.

Favorite Form of Entertainment: Horror movies.

Word Association

Music: The BGM of life.

Life: Life is hobby.

Art: Humans.

Dream: Things which shine from far, far away.

Night: When something is awakened.

Tears: Weight.

Joy: Sense

Beauty: Nature.

Self: Life

Best: Moment.

Heart: Antenna.

Love:  Troublesome.

Strength: Women.

Tomorrow: Speculating it now.

Now: Everything.

Lida on Twitter | NINJAMAN JAPAN Official Homepage



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Q&A questions written by Alicia R. Thomas with contributions from C.Thomas. Many thanks to Lida, NINJAMAN JAPAN's producer Akemi Oshima, their promoters Nesshin Music and a special thank you to Haley of Nesshin Music for translating, thank you are for making this possible!

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