Monday, November 25, 2013

50 Questions with HITT

The Basics

Name: HITT

Part: piano + bass + vocals

Birthday: 19/04

Birthplace/Hometown: Chiba, Japan

Nicknames other call by: HITT-kun / Hikkun

Family: 1 older brother

Your Motto: You no Heart ni Megahitt

Pets you have/want: 2 cats

Special Skill: I eat a lot!

Weakness: My face is too handsome!

Good Habit: I'm always checking my face in the mirror!

Bad Habit: Same! I think it's good and bad.

Current Hobby: Eating!

Little known fact about you: Both my older brother and I are musicians.

A secret you don’t mind revealing: I have lot of hair on my legs.


First Instrument: harmonica and castanets!

First CD you bought: Hirose Koumi, Romance no Kami sama

First Live you attending: Sharan-kyu

First Live you performed: In Kashiwa Alive, 1999

First song you covered: Kuroyume, Shounen

First song you wrote: BBDan


Favorite Song Right Now: T-bolan, Hanashi takuwanai

Favorite Food: nagahama tonkotsu râmen

Favorite Drink: Coca Cola

Favorite Season: summer

Favorite Holiday: I don't have!

Favorite Pastime: Eating!

Favorite Place: Odaiba, seaside of Tôkyô

Favorite Animal: Lion

Favorite Color: black, white, blue

Favorite Proverb: “Be honest”

Favorite Kind of Gift: money! A lot!

Favorite Item that you own: my body !

Favorite Source of Inspiration:  my whole life, what I feel.

Favorite Form of Entertainment: singing

Word Association

Music: me

Life: love

Art: me!

Dream: family

Night: sleep

Tears: beautiful

Joy: date

Beauty: me!

Self: beautiful!

Best:  Me!

Heart: sad

Love: crazy

Strength: masculine

Tomorrow: dream

Now:  step to my dream

HITT Official Home Page


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Q&A questions written by Alicia R. Thomas with contributions from C.Thomas. Many thanks to HITT as well as David and Ramen Events for making this possible!

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