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T.M.Revolution Press Conference - OTAKON 2013

T.M.Revolution__by_ARThomas (3)Friday August 9, 2013 – With a focus on recent events, the T.M.Revolution press conference began with a question concerning Preserved Roses.

T.M.R.: In Preserved Roses, the song was composed by my team and Mizuki-san joined my team. This time I will be joining Mizuki-san’s team and creating the song. So the second song will be closer in taste to Mizuki-san’s music. Preserved Roses was very T.M. Revolution in taste, so you could say that she entered my musical world, this time I will be entering her world so it will be very different from the music I’ve produced so far.

Q: Your most recent album was UNDER:COVER 2 in which you covered your own songs while working with other artists as opposed to having other artists cover your music themselves. What brought on the original idea for this project the first time and what made you want to do it again?

T.M.R.:  There are two major reasons. Firstly, in Japanese music industry after you’ve been performing for a long time you generally release a new album then go on tour singing the songs from that new album, so there are very few opportunities to perform old songs. So I wanted to create and opportunity to put the spotlight on those songs and let people enjoy my classics. The second reason is that my fans and all of my supporters are making the revolution with me; I wanted to create an opportunity to let them vote on what songs they wanted to hear and be part of the revolution.

Q: As the Sightseeing Ambassador for Shiga Prefecture what do you want to say to your international fans?

T.M.R.:  Kyoto is a city in Japan that many people around the world know about. But my hometown in Shiga Prefecture is very close to Kyoto, so when you go to Kyoto, please stop by my hometown as well. That would make me very happy!

Q: What are the differences that you’ve noticed between your American audiences and your Japanese audiences?

T.M.R.:  Basically all of my fans all across the world, it doesn’t matter what country they’re from they’re all the same in that they all support me very passionately. But if I were forced to raise a difference between American and Japanese fans, I’d say the fans here tend to enjoy my music very independently. This is something that would never happen in Japan, but in one of my past performances overseas, I was in the middle of singing a ballad and one of the audience members started to dance. And he was a rather old gentleman.


T.M.Revolution__by_ARThomas (1)This is was something that would never happen in Japan, so I was very moved by the experience.

Q: I know you have another project called abingdon boys school, named after the school where all the members of Radiohead met. So I wanted to ask two related things, one is how do you feel your personality is different, musically perhaps, when you’re working with abingdon boys school as opposed to T.M.Revolution and secondly what’s your favorite Radiohead album.

T.M.R.:  With T.M.Revolution it’s a solo project, so a lot of the focus is on my songs, my voice and exploring new possibilities. But with a band, I started in music as part of a band, so abingdon boys school is probably closer to my root music. So, I have a confession to make; I haven’t heard any of the Radiohead albums.


But I really respect them as artists; I think they’re great artists, so I love them.

Q: I understood that you had a Broadway career as well as a film career. I’m from New York and your live action film was actually screened at the New York Asian Film Festival and got a lot of reviews. How did you get into Broadway and film, and will we be seeing you on a silver screen in the near future?

T.M.R.:  I started my career in music, so I never imagined that I would be in a movie or TV series, or part of a musical. As I mentioned earlier, my solo project T.M.Revolution is about using my voice to explore new possibilities, and a musical is one of the new possibilities that I’m exploring. In addition to musicals I’ve created a lot of music videos. When creating them I script out the music videos and come up with the ideas on my own. To me our music videos are like a short five-minute movie. So directors and production staff who saw some of my videos came to me and said they wanted to work with me on the movie or a TV series. It’s hard for me to be objective about my own acting skills.

T.M.Revolution__by_ARThomas (2)Q: Rest assured, the New York audience loved you!

T.M.R.: If there are people out there who want to see more of my acting, I’m completely open to the idea. So if you know any Hollywood producers…


Q: How did your recent collaboration with ZEUS MENTHOL come about?

T.M.R.: It started right before I came to Baltimore. I appear in the ZEUS MENTHOL commercial and I also provide music for it. Unfortunately you can only see the commercial in Japan, but I want all of my fans overseas to be able to watch it too. So when I go back to Japan I will think about how I can get the video to all of you guys. I’ll take responsibility in suggesting this.


With this the conference came to a close. After a strong round of applause T.M.Revolution asked if he’d be seeing us to tomorrow, for the concert. Once everyone confirmed that they would indeed be there, he took his leave… or so we thought. As we chattered among ourselves and gathered our things he popped back into the room saying “See you tomorrow!” – he was so nice!

Find out more about T.M.Revolution at his [ Official Homepage ]

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Transcription written by Alicia R. Thomas. Thank you so much to T.M.Revolution, Sony Music Entertainment and OTAKON for making this opportunity possible!


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