Monday, October 7, 2013

Jupiter - Blessing of the Future

jupiter2When Versailles announced the end of activities last year, many fans were devastated by the loss of such a terrific symphonic metal band that has been a staple in the visual kei scene for some time.  However this feeling of loss didn't last for long, when the announcement of the formation of “Jupiter” came out back in April.  Jupiter was to be comprised of four members from Versailles; Teru, Hizaki, Yuki, and Masashi, as well as newcomer Zin, who'd be doing vocals.  While some fans were unsure of this new band, almost everyone in the visual scene was anxious to hear Jupiter's first release, “Blessing of the Future”, which came out on June 24th.

 From the first notes “Blessing of the Future” transports the listener to a symphonic wonderland.  While Jupiter obviously carries some of the same sound that Versailles did, it's also different in the feeling it carries.  This is helped out greatly by Zin's voice;  which is so easy  to get drawn in by.  The biggest difference in Jupiter versus Versailles, besides Zin, is easiest to hear at the solo at 3:11-4:33.  While this is quite a long time for a solo, it's so enrapturing that you don't even think about the time.  The reason why it's different and enrapturing, is the skill and talent that is being shown in it.  It's quite technical, however it's in a way that you don't think about that and each little section in the solo flows into the other effortlessly.  I really recommend listening to this solo a few times to get the full experience of it.

“ARIA”, the second song on the single has a totally different direction than Blessing of the Future.  As this is their first release, such variety is greatly needed, to get a feel for the band.  This song has a deeper feel to it.  It's rather hard to put into words, but the song just conveys a heartfelt message that will be sure to leave the listener's mind in an emotion-filled state.  The final song “SHOUT YOUR DESIRE” is unlike anything I've ever heard before, especially not from Versailles.  While this shouldn't be surprising as Versailles and Jupiter are two different bands, I had expected Jupiter to be the new coming of Versailles.  However, this song really proves how different they are.  This song has such an electric energy to it, which is wonderfully infectious.  As the name alludes, this is a song that could easily turn into an anthem, and if you aren't fluent in Japanese, I'd suggest finding the English lyrics online, reading them, and listening to the song again.  It really makes the song into something else.

Overall “Blessing of the Future” gets an 8/10 from me.  I do have to say “SHOUT YOUR DESIRE” had to have been my favorite song from the single.  Not only could I listen to it on repeat for hours on end, but I think it shows the uniqueness of this band, one we haven't seen for some time.  It's because of this uniqueness and talent that I'm pleased to announce Jupiter as October's artist of the month. and I look forward to seeing the future of this band unfold.

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Review written by Michelle R. Gaynor(Tenten); the queen of sparkles, and edited by the corseted goddess known as Alicia R. Thomas.

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