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Interview with IKE of SPYAIR


VKEIOS: Thank you for taking time to answer our questions! To begin, would you all introduce yourself for our readers?

IKE: Hello everyone it's SPYAIR. Our band is made of me on vocals, UZ (guitar), MOMIKEN (bass) and KENTA (drums).

VKEIOS: Could you give us the background on how the band formed and how each of you met?

IKE: MOMIKEN, and KENTA and I were all in the same Junior High school when we decided to start a band, for the fun of it. UZ joined us a little later.

VKEIOS: How did each of you choose your positions within the band?

IKE: Well it depends on the member; some of us have someone we admire, some just felt like it !
VKEIOS: How would you describe the band ?

IKE: "A loveable bunch of fools !" (laughs)

VKEIOS: Who have been some of the strongest musical influences in your life?

IKE: Musically speaking, Linkin Park was certainly the strongest influence.

VKEIOS: For each of you, what has been one of the most memorable moments in your career to date?

IKE: Our live at the Budokan. All the hard times and effort to make it there, and all the joy and excitement to be playing there, combine that and it's surely the most memorable moment.


VKEIOS: Originally you were self-released. How difficult was it to get your music out there in the beginning?

IKE: Even if it was hard to be recognition at first, there was joy to be found in going forward one step at a time. Even though getting more famous means more people get to listen to our music, and that makes us happy, but fame is not everything in a musician's life.

VKEIOS: Your new album, "MILLION" is set to release soon. How would you describe the theme of this album?

IKE: It's our 3rd album since our major debut. Everything we learnt, our experience and knowledge is combined in this production.

If you wanna know what SPYAIR is all about, give it a try !

VKEIOS: Comparing “MILLION” to your previous album, “Just Do It” how has your music evolved?

IKE: First, I can honestly say that we enjoy music making more than during the last album. Of course there are more complicated things in the sound work, musical techniques, but I think the fun aspect is mostly what makes it different to the previous album.

VKEIOS: With each album you make, does the creation process get any easier or does it remain challenging?

IKE: No, the challenges stays. As we practice and play, our feeling towards the music changes, the need for experimenting is growing and so the need to challenge oneself is always present.

VKEIOS: What are some of these things that you’d like to experiment with in the future?

IKE: We want to make our own outdoor festival !

Since we're a band that made its career mainly in those kind of festivals, we dream of organizing a big gathering of bands !
VKEIOS: Is there any aspect of your music that you’ve been careful not to change over the years?

IKE: We're never presenting something to the audience that we're not completely proud of. It's not about being right or wrong, it's about confidence, our self-confidence.

VKEIOS: Your music has been featured as themes for movies, dramas and anime. Did you ever anticipate or hope to create theme music?

IKE: No, we always thought it would be great if it were to happen, but we didn't start the band with such goals.

VKEIOS: When making theme songs do you tend to focus more on a sound that best represent the show or a sound that’s true to the band itself?

IKE: Of course we create a sound that is true to the band, and conveys what we want to express in our music and words.

We collaborate with different media in order to make our band, our music more famous, however, we do not bend our music to fit the collaboration. Also, the great thing is, from the media side, they never asked us to do such a thing and let us make the music we wanted.

Every team with whom we worked was trying to get the best out of each other, in order to make the best collaboration possible !

Touring | Live Concerts

VKEIOS: How would you describe a SPYAIR live concert, what kind of atmosphere and experience can a fan expect when seeing you perform?

IKE: Once you see us, you'll definitely want to come back again !

VKEIOS: You’ll be performing at TOKYO CRAZY KAWAII PARIS in September – what kind of feelings do you have as you approach your first live concert in France?

IKE: We're very excited to see how the French audience will react ! We'll try to make a concert that exceeds any kind of borders. We'll do our best to make a great concert so the French public wants to see us again and again !

VKEIOS: What do all of you do to prepare and get in the mindset to go on tour?

IKE: There's nothing in particular... (laughs)

But with every tour, we get to go home with a whole lot of great new memories.

VKEIOS: Do have any secrets on how you maintain your energy during long tours?

IKE: Enjoying the scenery and the different regions we visit, what they have to offer, is probably the best way.

VKEIOS: If you could trade places with one of your band mates for one song, which position and which song would you choose?

IKE: Even though it's my position; Vocals ! For all of us. We'd probably pick a song without many lyrics, but just enjoy the feeling of being the center of attention ! (laughs)

 “Complete the Sentence”

VKEIOS: I would like to be remembered as...

IKE: ... ourselves, SPYAIR, not some imitation, just us !

VKEIOS: Music is my passion because...

IKE: ... it's a damn lot of fun that's why !

VKEIOS: My favorite way to unwind after live concert is...

IKE: ... to be left alone to recover from the exhaustion. (unfortunately we barely get left alone after concerts now... (laughs) )

VKEIOS: To be a good musician you have to...

IKE: ... tell us cause we'd really want to know ! (laughs)


VKEIOS: What are some of the more immediate goals that you have for the future of SPYAIR?

IKE: We'll be touring Japan in the fall for our newest album has just been released.

This time we won't be playing in Live Houses like we're used to, but in bigger concert halls, so we're thinking on how to up our game on stage right now.

VKEIOS: Thank you again for your time! Would you please leave a closing statement for the Visual KEIOS readers?

IKE: Come to our live in France to have a great time ! Really you'll see !

It will be a concert unique that can only be made and enjoyed in France ! See you there !

SPYAIR Official Homepage

See photos from SPYAIR's performance at Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris in our gallery [ HERE ]

This interview with IKE was written by Alicia R. Thomas with contributions from Kaitlin Maginnis. Many thanks to IKE, SPYAIR, their management, and Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris for making this interview possible!

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