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Interview with Hibiki of Calmando Qual


About | History

VKEIOS: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us! To begin could you introduce yourself for our readers?

Hibiki: I'm Hibiki, the vocalist.

VKEIOS: For a bit of history, could you take us through the story of the bands formation and it’s progression to the current day?

Hibiki: The band started out with a visual style classified as the gothic genre, but at the time, I didn't even know there was such a genre as "gothic." After a gig one day, the livehouse staff asked me if we were a gothic band, and I asked in return, "What is 'gothic'?" After that, I wasn't sure how I should describe the band, so we just started calling our genre "gothic" and stuck with it all this time *laugh* If I had known without being taught that the music we were making would be called "gothic," then I guess Calmando Qual would have been a "gothic" band from the start. But we don't feel that our band had been through any particular progression or evolution. I think it's not the artist that evolves, but the opinions of the fans who listen to the music. We haven't evolved; there's just more information out there now *laugh*

VKEIOS: As a band, what kind of mark do you want to leave on those who listen to your music?

Hibiki: I want people to think, "These guys really rock! They're a band best seen live!"

VKEIOS: Having been around since 2001, as artists, what are some of the most crucial lessons you’ve learned over the years?

Hibiki: If you're in a band, you'll never have any money!

VKEIOS: You’re a part of Starwave Records label, which appears to be a tight-knit community of artists. How does it feel to be a part of that?

Hibiki: It's kind of like we're all classmates in the same school.

Music | Recent Activities

VKEIOS: How do you believe Calmando Qual’s music has changed since its beginnings?

Hibiki: It hasn't changed at all. We're just converting what's on our minds into music!

VKEIOS: And in return, how has your music changed each of you over the years? Has it caused you to change as an individual?

Hibiki: I think I've become more cooperative when it comes to writing music. More than anything, I think I've become a member who can express to the other members what exactly I want to say in my music. Oh, and many people describe our music as "dark," but there really isn't much about life that's "fun," you know? With all the dark news stories we hear every day, of course our songs are going to turn out dark, too! *laugh* As for how I've changed, I've come to hope that our music and methods could somehow ease the pains that people feel in this life. I'm pretty sure it's only a small minority that listens to our music, though *laugh*

VKEIOS: If you could choose five worlds that you think describes Calmando Qual’s unique sound, which words would you choose?

Hibiki: Pain, solitude, dream, love, rock.

VKEIOS: In January you released a new maxi-single, “Yami o Tsuranuku Gekijou no Kagayaki”, for those who haven’t heard it, can you give them a summary of what to expect?

Hibiki: The song's message is "You're not alone! Just believe in the world of your own that you've yet to see, and keep living!" Of course, it also has a rock sound!

VKEIOS: At the beginning of October you released an MV collection. Are there any stories that you can share from the filming of those MVs?

Hibiki: We filmed them after band rehearsals, so I guess we were a little tired? There weren't any particularly interesting stories to share, but they were all a lot of fun to film.

VKEIOS: Looking back at Calmando Qual’s body of work over the years, what are the things that you’re most proud of?

Hibiki: I'm most proud of the fact that I've met so many people around the world that I wouldn't have met if I weren't in a band. I would never have met them if I lived a normal life. I'm grateful to the rock gods for that.

US Debut | Live Performances

VKEIOS: Calmando Qual will make its US debut with your two-date “AMERICAN HORROR SHOW” Congratulations! – How does it feel to make your US debut?

Hibiki: I'm going into this tour as though I were saying to my child self, "I'm gonna show you the world you always wanted to see! Are you watching?! I'm gonna rock hard!"

VKEIOS: To make your US debut on Halloween seems very ideal, was this something you had hoped for?

Hibiki: Halloween was never really a part of my life, so I'm not sure how I should feel going into it, but I plan to have a great time at the party.

VKEIOS: How do you normally celebrate Halloween? Will you be doing anything special to celebrate the holiday at your concert?

Hibiki: I've always spent Halloween like any other day. I was never conscious of the fact that it's Halloween, so I never really thought about it... In fact, I'd like everyone in America to show me what makes Halloween fun *laugh*

VKEIOS: The venue for your US debut is fetish ball, have you ever performed at a fetish ball, or something similar, before?

Hibiki: I've taken part in Tokyo Dark Castle as well as a similar event in Germany.

VKEIOS: As an artist do you think you’ve grown or changed in any way as a result from performing overseas?

Hibiki: Of course!! We've had the support of so many audiences, and as long as we feel the desire to answer their feelings, we inevitably grow.

VKEIOS: Be it in Japan or overseas, what do you hope your fans take away from a Calmando Qual live experience?

Hibiki: I'd like them to feel the life and passion that comes from within me when I'm performing.

2013 | 2014 | Beyond

VKEIOS: With the end of the year approaching, what have been some of your fondest or funniest memories so far in 2013?

Hibiki: My fondest memory was when lots of people celebrated my birthday by coming to our live show or sending me birthday messages. And I guess my funniest memory was when I tried to buy cola in France, but I didn't know French, so an old lady scolded me *laugh*

VKEIOS: What are some of the top goals that you would like to accomplish in 2014?

Hibiki: I'm not sure about 2014, but by 2015, I want to visit England with my music.

VKEIOS: Where do you see yourself 10 years from now? Please leave a message to your future self!

Hibiki: "Hey! Still a good-for-nothing bum even in the future, I see *laugh* We're both only interested in rock, and we have nothing else to do, so let's keep rocking until we die!! Rock & roll!!!"

VKEIOS: Thank you again for your time! Do you have any closing statements that you’d like to add for our readers at Visual KEIOS?

Hibiki: Rock & roll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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