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Interview with Anna Tsuchiya


About Anna

VKEIOS: Thank you for taking time from your schedule to answer our questions! To begin, would you please introduce yourself for our readers?

Anna: Hi everyone, it’s Anna Tsuchiya!

VKEIOS: Looking back over your career, is there one year in particular that stands out in your mind, and for what reason?

Anna: Of course when I look back I think of my role in Kamikaze girls in 2006 or my making of the Nana anime opening in 2006, but for me the most memorable time was around the time I started as a solo musician in 2005. The recording, the first tour, and then my first appearance at Summer Sonic and other festivals, it was a very busy but unforgettable year.

VKEIOS: Next year will be the 10th anniversary of “Kamikaze Girls” – what are some of things that come to mind when thinking about film?

Anna: It’s a very important piece of work in my career and I am glad that people still remember this movie 10 years after its release.

VKEIOS: How does it make you feel knowing that you are such a popular singer and actress in Japan, as well as role model to so many people?

Anna: I just try to express my self in the most honest, simple fashion. And if some people can relate to that it, that is great, and it makes me very happy.


VKEIOS: Was there any one individual or moment that made you decide you wanted to be a singer?

Anna: K.A.Z. (now in VAMPS) once just plain invited me to join him on a band, the only thing that came to my mind was “I wanna do that !”

VKEIOS: In your opinion, how do you think your music has evolved over the course of your career?

I think that it is now more than just being “rock”. With years passing, I breathed out in my music all the things in my life that I was breathing in. I believe that my music range is now broader.

VKEIOS: Your last studio album released in 2010, can fans look forward to a new album soon?

Anna: Actually I am now in the recording phase of a new album, so the wait is going to be over soon !

VKEIOS: With experience as a model, an actress, and host, how has this versatility helped you when it comes to music?

Anna: Just as you say, I think that each of my professional activities stimulate each other and this versatility brings a broader range to my music.

VKEIOS: Your latest release “STEP IN TO THE NEW WORLD” in collaboration with KISHIDAN sounds fun and catchy – could you tell about the creation process for this song and what it was like working with KISHIDAN?

Anna: Working with Kishidan is such a blast ! What an awesome experience it was !

VKEIOS: Last year you released 12 FLAVOR SONGS〜BEST COLLABORATION〜you’ve worked with artists like Akihiro Namba, AI, and even Hoobastank – what other artists would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Anna: Collaboration is always an enriching experience, I’m open to anyone who wants to work with me, and I want to do a lot more too!

VKEIOS: In comparison to working solo, what are some of the most appealing aspects of collaborating with other artists?

Anna: It allows you to discover a side of you that you have never seen or felt before.

VKEIOS: Out of your many successful songs, which do you think best represents your image?

Anna: I wonder which one indeed…

Lives Concerts

VKEIOS: TOKYO CRAZY KAWAII PARIS - What do you hope fans in France will take away from the experience?

Anna: I certainly hope they have an exciting experience, at least I know i twill be for me and I’ll try my hardest to share that excitement.

VKEIOS: Do you have singing exercises or vocal warm-ups that you do before a live show?

Anna: Just regular vocal exercises and a lot of relaxing.

VKEIOS: What are some of the songs that you enjoy performing most during a live concert?

Anna: Any song, as long as the audience is receptive, all of them are fun on their own.

VKEIOS: When you first step out on stage, what thought comes to your mind?

Anna: “Ok let’s rock it today!”

VKEIOS: Could you tell us what your first live concert was like? What do you remember most about the experience?

Anna: I over-slept on that day so I had to rush it like never before to make on time!

Complete the sentence

VKEIOS: A theme or concept that I often like to hear in music is ...

Anna: ... class or style, what I think is cool.

VKEIOS: I would like to be remembered as the kind of singer who ...

Anna: ... is remembered! If I can get people all across the world to know about me and my music that are more than enough!

VKEIOS: Music is my passion because ...

Anna: ... I just couldn’t see myself living without music.

VKEIOS: To hear that my music has transcended language barriers makes me ...

Anna: ...overwhelmed with joy (if only it was true).


VKEIOS: What achievements do you hope for in the future of your music career?

Anna: I hope I get to do more concerts abroad.

VKEIOS: Thank you again for your time! Would you please leave a closing statement for the Visual KEIOS readers?

Anna: Hope this interview makes you wanna listen to my music. See you soon!


Anna Tsuchiya Official Homepage


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This interview with Anna Tsuchiya was written by Alicia R. Thomas with contributions from Michelle Gaynor and Kaitlin Maginnis. Many thanks to Anna, her management, and Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Paris for making this interview possible!

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