Thursday, October 24, 2013

50 Questions with KEN'ICHI of LOKA

The Basics

Drums - KEN'ICHI


Position within your band: Drummer

Birthday: May 21th

Birthplace/Hometown: Japan

Nicknames other call by: KEN'ICHI

Family: single

Your Motto: Bushidou

Pets you have/want: Pikachu

Special Skill: Especially none

Weakness: Snake

Good Habit: polite

Bad Habit: polite

Current Hobby: space battle ship YAMATO

Little known fact about you: I don't like sweets.

A secret you don’t mind revealing: Secret is secret.


First Instrument: drums

First CD you bought: Singles /X JAPAN album.

First Live you attending: I don't remember.

First Live you performed: When I was 14 years old.

First song you covered: X JAPAN's songs

First song you wrote: When I was 14years old.


Favorite Song Right Now: Now,"sparks fly" of Taylor Swift is playing in my head.

Favorite Food: fruits

Favorite Drink: water,fruit juice,ice coffee

Favorite Season: autumn

Favorite Holiday: i don't like holyday

Favorite Pastime: sleeping and dreaming

Favorite Place: japanese castle

Favorite Animal: Pikachu

Favorite Color: White

Favorite Proverb: Where there's a will, there's a way.

Favorite Kind of Gift: Letter

Favorite Item that you own: Instruments

Favorite Source of Inspiration: Innocent

Favorite Form of Entertainment: Circus

Word Association

Music: Life

Life: Difficultt

Art: Fragment of life

Dream: Objective

Night: My time

Tears: Bitter

Joy: Where?

Beauty: it's comes from inside on everything

Self: hate, and i love.

Best: anytime

Heart: warm

Love: warmest

Strength: Tenderness

Tomorrow: comes?

Now: goes by.

KEN'ICHI on Twitter | LOKA Official Homepage



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Q&A questions written by Alicia R. Thomas with contributions from C.Thomas. Many thanks to KEN'ICHI as well as David and Ramen Events for making this possible!

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