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Chiaki Ishikawa Interview - OTAKON 2013

At OTAKON 2013 Visual KEIOS had the opportunity to sit down with former See-Saw vocalist and anison veteran, Chiaki Ishikawa!


VKEIOS:  Thank you so much for your time Chiaki, though it’s only Friday, how have you been enjoying your time in Baltimore thus far?

Chiaki: So far I’ve enjoyed walking around and enjoying different seafood, like the crabs!

VKEIOS:  You’re here for the 20th anniversary of OTAKON, but isn’t this the 20th anniversary of your music career as well?

Chiaki:  (laughs) It is… for some reason! But I keep it a secret! (laughs)

VKEIOS:  How does it feel to be invited to perform at OTAKON during their 20th anniversary?

Chiaki:  It’s been 20 years and by now I know how to have fun and enjoy myself personally. It’s an anniversary for me too, so it’s a very important opportunity.

VKEIOS:  Going back, prior to your debut what originally inspired you to start a career in the music industry?

Chiaki:  Originally I entered my older sister’s band as a vocalist. I was there that one time to cover for the actual vocalist, who was away. All the feelings I have now goes back to the destiny that began back then.

VKEIOS:  How are you feeling about your upcoming concert this Sunday? Are there any songs in particular that you’re especially looking forward to performing?

Chiaki:  Hmm… I’m not exactly sure how I should be feeling, (laughs) I plan to look over things and I hope I’ll do a great show.

VKEIOS:  I’m really looking forward to it! Having performed at conventions and festivals before, what stands out in your mind about the experience?

Chiaki:  Not just in the US, but I’ve also gone to China, and in Europe for concerts and I’ve noticed that the anime culture is really catching on in all these regions over the last 20 years. I’m actually surprised to see this huge burst of enthusiasm for anime culture.

VKEIOS:  Over these 20 years, what have been some of the most crucial experiences that have made you who you are as a singer?

Chiaki:  When See-Saw went into anime, like in Gundam SEED, and when I started to do things personally outside of See Saw, that’s when I started to notice that this was a turning point for me; anime songs are really a good match for me. That was right around the time when I appeared at Anime Expo in LA.

VKEIOS:  What comes to your mind when you think about your history of work? What are you most proud of?

Chiaki:  Things like Gundam which is a really big title, doing songs for it will instantly have a lot of people take notice. It results in a lot of popularity and CD sales. But there was a time when I did the theme for a more minor title anime called Bokurano. As an anime it was not very popular, compared to Gundam, but the song that I sang for it, “Uninstalled”, was a very long-running hit, lasting five years. I found this really interesting that my song caught fire; it was something that made me decide that I’m going to do my best in making music.

VKEIOS:  Amazing! For our last question, would you please complete the following sentence – “Music is my passion because ….”

Chiaki:  “Because it is myself.”

VKEIOS:  Beautiful! Thank you so much for your time!


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Find out more about Chiaki Ishikawa at her [ Official Homepage ]

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This interview with Chiaki Ishikawa was conducted by Alicia R. Thomas. Thank you so much to Chiaki, who was incredibly sweet, and many thanks to her management, handlers, translator and OTAKON staff for making this interview possible.

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