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Kalafina Press Conference - Anime Central 2013

Kalafina_ACEN__by_Kaitlin-MaginnisHow was the concert? How was it performing your new songs?*

Wakana: This is our first time in Chicago and we were really excited to be here. And also this time the band was here with us. So we were happy that we were able to deliver our live sound to the crowd, we really had fun and we’re really happy.

Do you write your own music? How much creative control do you have over your performances, videos and sound?

Hikaru: Kalafina’s producer, Yuki Kajiura, she does all the writing of the lyrics, the songs, the music and also the remixing. We don’t do that.

Also in Japan there are a lot of live performances, and we do have set lists and a lot of visuals to think about, as well as how to perform. We so a lot of rehearsals, and everyone is included, and discuss it together.

Keiko and Wakana, you’ve worked together as members of FictionJunction, did you find that this created an advantage?*

Wakana: FictionJunction and Kalafina are similar by the fact that they make chorus and harmonies. But the difference is in the numbers - three and four. Having more people in the performance makes for broader ranges in our vocals. Because it’s a different project, every time we perform as Kalafina or FictionJunction, we are learning different, new things.

Keiko: We’d already met before through the FictionJunction project, but under a different name, more solo. We had never tried harmonies before, putting our voices together. At the live performance as FictionJunction, we performed and harmonized together for the first time and we discovered new things. It was a relief to see each other during the Kalafina audition because we already knew each other already.

This is your first time in Chicago, where else in the US have you performed and where else internationally have you performed?

Hikaru:  Our first time in America was in Boston. The next time was in Los Angeles. Outside of the US we have been all over Asia; to Shanghai, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. Outside of that, we also went to Germany.

Hikaru; what was it like auditioning and then being chosen out of so many participants?*

Hikaru: In the beginning I entered the audition wanting to be a solo artist. It wasn’t until I got a phone calling telling me I passed the audition that they told me it was a unit. I was unsure at first if I wanted to do it or not. But then I thought that this was my chance, so I took it. Now the three of us are together and I am so happy to be performing with Keiko and Wakana.

How different is it performing for an American audience or European audience as opposed to an Asian audience?

Keiko: Every concert hall is different. We make the atmosphere from that with the audience; so obviously, every time it’s different. The MC is also important. It’s different in Asia, Germany, and US. Mostly in Asia, a lot of people sing along in the concert. Also in Germany, the excitement built up and by the end it’s like Boom! -exploding. I think the American audience is very honest; their excitement varies between songs. For example if we perform a song comes from their favorite anime they’re very excited.

Your PVs are very whimsical - Where do you draw inspiration for them?*

Wakana: Music, the sounds are very important in how to make the music video. The producer, Yuki Kajiura’s image that she had is important. We meet up and discuss, considering those sounds and the image she had; also if it fits our image that we already have. Everyone thinks it over, has meetings and discusses.

Keiko: I think about the expressions on my face, how should I make my expressions because visuals are very important. I try to over express those.

Hikaru: Of course the music. Also how we would move within the videos, and how the videos would look pretty. Things we would be unable to express in our live concerts.

* = Visual KEIOS’ questions


Kalafina kindly introduced themselves to the Visual KEIOS readers in the comment video below!


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This Kalafina coverage at Anime Central was conducted and written by Kaitlin Maginnis (Rain) and edited by Alicia R. Thomas.

We'd like to thank Kalafina, Sony Music Entertainment Japan and Anime Central staff for all of their help in making this coverage possible.

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