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Ling tosite sigure - imperfect

With their trademark sound of complex guitar riffs, aggressive basslines and impeccable male and female vocals, Ling tosite sigure strikes near perfection with their latest album--i'mperfect. Although more melodic than their previous releases, this album shows a more diverse style to an already stand-out band.

The album kicks off with "Beautiful Circus". This song mesmerizes and entraps you into their world. Right from the start, this song explodes with its relentless beats and electricity. The high voltage charge to "Beautiful Circus" is infectious as I can feel myself rocking out alongside them. It is the perfect way to start this album.

One of my favorite songs on i'mperfect is the following track "abnormalize." It is most known for being the opening theme song of the hit anime series, Psycho Pass, and I couldn't wait to hear it again. The thing that I enjoy the most is the uniquely intertwining, high-pitched male and female vocals. Though common in their previous work, this fusion of vocals awakened my senses; because at times I had difficulty telling where TK's (male) vocals began and 345 (female) started.

As "abnormalize" fades away, "Metamorphose" kicks it up a notch. From the start of the song, it sounds as if TK’s vocals are floating in from the distance. As the song progresses, it slowly echoes and spreads in your mind with the heavy intensity of Pierre's powerful drumming. In fact, my favorite section of this piece has to be 2:04-2:23, where it starts off as an electric fusion between TK's guitar solo and Pierre's drumming. In this section, especially, It felt as if my heart was beating out of my chest.

Moving away from the intense beats of "Metamorphose", "Filmsick Mystery" shows the lighter, melodic side of the band. In its own way, this song feels magical and lifts my spirits up whenever I listen to it. The song possesses an upbeat and playful energy that kind of separates it from the rest of the album.

Transitioning away from the playfulness of "Filmsick Mystery", "Sitai miss me" is another melodic track with a little bit more of an edge to it than the previous one. With this song in particular, the arrangement is impeccable. The piece starts out kind of light and slow. As it starts to build momentum, you can hear both vocals crystal clear along with haunting flow that grabs hold of you. Alongside the vocals, the placement of the guitar, bass and drum solos possess an electrifying and eerie energy that makes the song unforgettable; even after it trails off in the end.

Continuing off the momentum created in "Sitai miss me", the next track, “make up syndrome” (album version) has more of a melodic, rockish groove to it. This groove in a way carries on in the next piece, "MONSTER", which makes me want to dance around and rock out at the same time. One thing I really enjoy about this song is how the unity of all the instruments makes both vocals feel as if they are floating, especially 345.

Out of all the song on the album, the second song I have no problem playing on repeat (besides abnormalize") is definitely “KIMITOOKU”. With clean vocals with and a touch of screams, to it has a light but a growing heavy sound; in a nutshell, it is practically everything that I enjoy in a solid rock piece.

Last but surely not least, the final track on this album is "Missing ling". This song starts off with a mysterious energy to it, as if you’re being pulled into a trance. Then, suddenly, half way through the song, the tempo picks up at 3:27.

In its own way, "Missing ling" possesses a little bit of all the styles on this album. The song lasts for over 6 minutes. As an end result, this song is pretty awesome as it slowly builds up serious momentum. In particular, my favorite section is the full on battle between the guitar, bass and drums at 5:31-6:20, which by itself, blew me away.

At the end of the day, I was pretty blown away in general by this album. The song arrangement was impeccable and I truly enjoyed hearing a more melodic side to this already awesome band. I give this album a 9.5/10 stars and declare Ling tosite sigure our feature artist for the month of July.

 To learn more about Ling tosite sigure: OHP | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube | JPU Records | JPU Records Facebook Page

July's Feature Artist was written by Ayva Trance (Rita Nokkaew). We would like to thank JPU Records for giving us the opportunity to review this amazing album!

Music is an universal language. Follow me on Twitter: @AyvaTrance  Edited by: Camille

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  1. Ok. After listening to it think it is pretty incredible. It has so may textures. My favorites were Beautiful Circus, Abnormalize, and Filmsick Mystery, and Make up Syndrome (album version). Pretty sure will be playing on repeat from now on.


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