Tuesday, June 18, 2013

MomoCon 2013 Report

MomoCon 2013 was my 7th time going to this convention out its nine year history. I hadn’t heard of it in year one, and I was out of the country for another but I’m sad I missed them. This convention has grown so much since its early days. Back then it was a small, free convention at Georgia Tech, but now it has grown into a large convention. This year they had a new location at the Hyatt hotel, recognizable for a lot of people as it’s one of the Dragon*Con hotels.

The MomoCon staff members were friendly and helpful. They are also at every other convention/event I’ve attended in the Southeast. I’m impressed. The convention is very welcoming for new people. It’s easy to find your way around.

I loved the new events this year; especially the karaoke contest which I had the honor of participating in. It was a blast! Disney themed with a variety of participants, the contest was fun for the audience too. They were very into all of the performances and even had a chance to win DVD prizes themselves by answering trivia questions.

Panels ranged from LARPing to mold making and of course panels on Japanese culture. There was even a panel on American Ninja Warrior. Such a wide variety of panels available, they really cater to all interests! While I didn’t get to attend everything that interested me, I loved what I went to. Next year I intend to hit up the Kimono panel, and the panel on Professional Voice Acting should they offer it again in the future.  Little Kuriboh was hilarious as always. This is his second year at MomoCon and I hope he’ll be there next year for a third time. It would be awesome to continue seeing him. He’s one of those people that never gets old and is always unique!

Featured guests included: Jennifer Hale (female Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect games), Steve Blum, Brina Palencia (Ciel Pahntomhive from Black Butler, Marianne Miller (Kyosuke in Magical Madoka), Amber Nash, Sifu Kisu (marital arts consultant for Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra), Sifu Manny Rodriguez (consult for Toph Bei Fong of Avatar: The Last Airbender), Mark Meer (male Commander Shepard from the Mass Effect games), Little Kuriboh (creator of Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series) Lucky Yates (Dr. Kreiger from Archer), and Mike Reiss (from The Simpsons and The Critic ).
Sifu Manny Rodriguez, Sifu Kisu, and Steve Blum headed a panel called “Avatar: Bending with the Masters.” Sifu Kisu is the martial arts advisor for The Legend of Korra and also assisted with the original series! He worked with Avatar creators Mike and Bryan to develop the bending we see in both the series. Sifu Manny played a crucial role in developing a particular character’s (Toph Bei Fong) bending style as hers was something all on it’s own! And Steve Blum, a recognized voice actor, provided the voice of character Amon in book 1 Legend of Korra.

This was my favorite panel, though I may be biased as I am in love with the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. The panel was full that no new people were allowed in after a certain point and the fans screamed eagerly as each person took the stage. They discussed the original series, taking questions from the audience, and the sequel The Legend of Korra. All three of them were quite friendly and entertaining! They even implied we’d find out some of the answers to our questions in the remaining seasons of Korra.

Overall, MomoCon was terrific. The convention itself provides many opportunities for panels, photoshoots, autographs and more. The Dealer’s Room and Artists Alley were fabulous. Definitely a huge difference from the beginning and it gets better every year. I can’t wait to see what they do next year![gallery ids="9948,9957,9956,9955,9954,9953,9952,9951,9950,9949"]


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