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Interview with HANGRY&ANGRY designer, GASHICON, at Anime Central



GASHICON-1__by_Kaitlin-MaginnisVKEIOS: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. For starters, can you describe the HANGRY&ANGRY fashion line?
GASHICON: The HANGRY&ANGRY fashion line is based on the characters HANGRY&ANGRY – HANGRY is a little Punk-ish while ANGRY is Lolita. The general point of the fashion itself is “tsugihagi” remaking a fashion style based on vintage clothes; rather than throwing these clothes away you can add something or patch pieces together to create a new style.

VKEIOS: Do you remember the very first clothing article you created?
GASHICON: The first was for the HANGRY&ANGRY dolls.

VKEIOS: Do you have any particular pieces that stand out to you or pieces that are your favorites?
GASHICON: Personally, I love Punk style, so today I’m wearing HANGRY. HANGRY fashion and the tsugihagi style are my favorites.

VKEIOS: What advice can you give to those wanting to go into the field of graphic design?
GASHICON: As a graphic designer the most important thing is “what do you want to tell others” and how do you want to describe that. If you don’t have that in mind it’s really hard to buyers or fans to receive the point; message that the designer wants to say. So firstly it’s very important to focus on what you want to describe, say and show.

VKEIOS: What's it like working for KINCS?
GASHICON: Everyone working for KINCS is so unique; such independent individuals. It’s so much fun to work with so many creative people.

VKEIOS: Could you tell us a bit more about your experience working for a fashion company, especially as a graphic designer?GASHICON: When I first entered KINCS, which was Sinc at the time, I was hired for graphic design. From the standpoint of a graphic designer, to work for a fashion company is very different; because graphic design and fashion design are very different. But it’s so refreshing to merge these different forms of creativity; I gained a lot of stimulation and influence inspired by the fashion. It was a really good match.



GASHICON-2__by_Kaitlin-MaginnisVKEIOS: When the creation of HANGRY&ANGRY (the characters and the fashion) came to life, what went into that process?
GASHICON: Basically during a company meeting it was discussed that they would like to have a character brand under the h.NAOTO line. h.NAOTO is well known for Punk and Gothic&Lolita so the task was creating characters to suit this style. Many of the employees drew characters, almost like a competition. Naoto looked at my HANGRY&ANGRY and felt that it was exactly the kind of characters he was looking for.

VKEIOS: You said that HANGRY is your favorite, why is that?
GASHICON: (laughs) Of course I love Punk style, but furthermore I created the stories behind the characters. ANGRY is always the bully, while HANGRY is always the one receiving the bullying. When I create the stories I put my emotions into it, and I feel so sorry for HANGRY. It takes a lot of lot of power to draw a mad/angry character, it’s difficult to put the emotion into such a character. So when it comes time to create HANGRY’s story I instantly feel so protective of her.

VKEIOS: Will the other characters part of HANGRY&ANGRY's world make their debut onto clothing or accessories?
GASHICON: In the future I’d like to take different parts of HANGRY&ANGRY, like eyeballs, blood, and bats, something creative like that to make different accessories.

VKEIOS: You have added the Sixh. band within the world of HANGRY&ANGRY, do you plan on adding other musicians?
GASHICON: There is a plan going on; a collaboration with singer Luna Haruna who has done anime theme music. I’ll be creating a character based on Luna and the story is “what will happen if Luna’s character comes to the HANGRY&ANGRY world”


Hell Cat Party

VKEIOS: Could you tell us how the idea of your “Hell Cat Party” came about – who’s idea was it?
GASHICON: I've gone to many conventions and held panels, but at an hour-long panel it’s really difficult to communicate on a personal level. I wanted to interact with fans more closely and directly. I came to realize that the booth (in the dealers room) is the best place to communicate with fans, find out what they’re thinking and what they want… I wanted them to know more about me as well. So that’s how the idea came about.

VKEIOS: Having attended myself, the setting really was very one on one, can you tell me more about what was it like for you?
GASHICON: I really want to express what I’m thinking to other people. The Hell Cat Party is like a close community; in that environment I can truly express what I’m thinking to others. It’s the best opportunity for me to do that, so I’m really happy about it.

VKEIOS: The Hell Cat Party held at Otakon 2012 was very successful, would you want to hold more parties at conventions in the future?
GASHICON: Definitely! This has been my second time (to hold a Hell Cat Party) and it’s been so much fun. I’d also like to think of some other events to hold at the booth in the future.

VKEIOS: What are some of your favorite memories from these kinds of events?
GASHICON: It’s very interesting because there are similar events in Japan too but it’s not like a Q&A, the fans and customers have really sincere questions about me or HANGRY&ANGRY, and it’s really mind-blowing that they have these questions that I’ve never thought of. It’s really refreshing to see the level of interest they have in HANGRY&ANGRY. I just love that.



VKEIOS: What future plans do you have for the world of HANGRY&ANGRY?
GASHICON: I’m a character designer as well as a graphic designer, and I love to do exhibitions of my world – my graphic designs that I’ve created in the past, merged with HANGRY&ANGRY. I plan to do this exhibition in the fall.

VKEIOS: Thank you for your time; do you have any closing statements for our readers?
GASHICON: Some of you may not have known about HANGRY&ANGRY before, so after reading this interview I hope you’ll take interest and follow those interests to see the HANGRY&ANGRY world.



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This interview with GASHICON at Anime Central 2013 was conducted by Whitney (bibi) Hopkins, with questions written by Whitney and Alicia R. Thomas. Many thanks to Anime Central, GASHICON, and Yaz for making this interview possible.


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