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Fashion x Fun at Anime Central Sweet 16

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Anime Central celebrated their sweet sixteen this year and with two parties in tow (the Sweet 16 Tea Party and the Meow Mixer) This was my second year attending Anime Central and I was excited to see what the weekend had in store for me. I was extremely excited to meet Fumiko Kawamura (Designer of Enchantlic Enchantilly) for the first time and as always GASHICON and MINT (Designer of Hangry&Angry and MINT NeKO, respectively).

Anime Central is a large convention and there is something for everybody; a wide range of variety of panels, Japanese fashion and music, there are more than enough events going on that will keep you busy during the weekend.

I was eager to see the fashion shows as always; especially MINT’s fashion show, as it was my first time to see him since his departure from Sixh. It was a relaxed, cute and laid back fashion show - and the MINT NeKO balloons at the end was a fun touch. MINT NeKO is in my top-three favorite brand from Kincs, so it was nice to see MINT again. GASHICON’s fashion show was a bit different this time around. The HANGRY&ANGRY mascots were present and the models playfully interacted with them during the fashion show. The new line is amazing and I hope everyone was able to snag a few fashion show pieces.

HANGRY&ANGRY is my first favorite brand from Kincs, the clothing style is something different and I love the color combinations. It’s also plus size friendly (as well as MINT NeKO) due to the look the brand is going for. Not everything is plus size friendly, but there are always a lot of good finds at the booth.

Speaking of the booth, I made sure to get there as soon as possible to gather information on the Meow Mixer. The Meow Mixer was a very special party held by GASHICON and MINT, only a limited amount of people could attend. As always, make sure you frequent the booth at whatever convention they are at. You never know what surprises you may get on your point card.

I bought mostly HANGRY&ANGRY items that weekend; I did end up purchasing a FRILL bag last minute on Sunday. I was really happy with my choices, I actually got items to brave the intense summer of the south (I always end up buying not so heat friendly items, but hey it’s hard to resist those must have items). Because of my purchases I was able to get a picture with GASHICON and my pass to the Meow Mixer.

While in the dealers room, I shopped for what I was going to wear for the Lolita Tea Party. Picking out a dress for the event was super hard since I was about to go for the new color way of the Phantom Merry-Go-Round One Piece in Pink x Gold. My dream color ways weren’t at the booth (or perhaps were snatched up), so I opted for another print. Un Chateau Secret Robe in gold x black, I do need more pieces with darker colors in my frill wardrobe. I got a pair of burgundy x gold socks and I was set for the tea party.

The Enchantlic Enchantilly and Atelier Pierrot fashion show was elegant and a visual frill fest for the eyes. Each of the models looks so beautiful and graceful on the runway sporting designs from the two brands. I’ve attended several Lolita fashion shows over the past couple of years and it’s truly something that I never get tired of seeing. The clothes, the models, the very atmosphere of the fashion show is unforgettable – like a fairy tale unfolding right before your eyes.

Now to my two main events for the weekend, Meow Mixer and Sweet 16 Tea Party hosted by Atelier Pierrot and Enchantlic Enchantilly. The Meow Mixer was at the booth like the Hell Cat Party was at Otakon. A raffle was held (I won the first prize, one of many drawings by GASHICON and MINT), a discussion about particular pieces they had picked out and an interesting Q&A. The other raffle gifts included more drawings and shoes that both designers drew on. A group photo was taken at the end of the party and the HANGRY&ANGRY mascots joined in.

The Sweet 16 Tea Party seemed similar to the party I attended at Anime Matsuri. The designers gave out gifts, there were people going around (I believe Yuko of Atelier Pierrot may have been helping out with tea refills) refilling your cup with a wide variety of tea; I must say that Strawberry Champagne is now my favorite tea. The designers talked briefly to everyone at each table and we got to decorate cupcakes. Fumiko took pictures with everyone, and as always the group photo was taken. The tea party was really fun and I am glad I got to attend.

Tea parties are something that I think every Lolita should go to at least one. Even if tea isn’t “your cup of tea”, you could enjoy the delicious finger food and a glass of water will fill you up quite fast. There are quite a few misunderstandings about tea parties in general and going to one is the best way to disprove those misconceptions is to see for yourself what the experience is really all about. Odds are, you won’t regret it.

Between the fashion shows, meeting new designers and more; Anime Central really delivered the fashion this year. Anime Central 2014 is sure to deliver and then some for all the J-fashionistas out there.

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This Anime Central 2013 fashion coverage was written by Whitney (bibi) Hopkins,  and edited Alicia R. Thomas.


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