Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Silver Ash~ Reborn



Rising from the ashes of their past, the pioneers of the Chinese visual rock scene--Silver Ash are officially back in action after an eight-year hiatus. With a new electrifying sound and line-up, the band embarks on an explosive fresh start, their April 6th, 2013 single “Reborn” lets you experience for yourselves the spiritual yet dark nature of Silver Ash’s rebirth.

Just close your eyes and imagine smoke rising in the air as you fall into a trance-like state. This is what I saw and felt when I listened to Ling sing in the beginning of the song before the EDM beats consumed the piece. As the beats slowly began to increase, like a heartbeat seeking life, the journey truly begins as an electric explosion hits--violently pulsating through your veins.

One of my favorite aspects of this song is the heaviness of the guitar riffs played by Yue throughout the piece. It brought to life the dark energy of “Reborn” which adds to the electric intensity of it. In my opinion, it made the song possess a more rock feel to it rather than just an EDM song. Although, I am personally a huge fan of electronica and EDM as a whole, I enjoy the fusion and balance between the two. Considering this is their first EDM mixed song with their newest member Cain, I can’t wait to hear more releases of this nature in their future as they progress even more in their sound and technique.

The rise and fall of energy in “Reborn” relies mostly on Ling’s vocals which, in my opinion, possesses a dark spiritual, new age feel to them. This energy resonates especially during my favorite line in this piece: “You should be afraid, now I am back from hell.” When I first heard this section of the song, images of the band literally rising from the ashes with eyes blazing came across my mind. It is images like these that the lyrics create that make the song come alive.

“Reborn” clearly marks the return of Silver Ash which is definitely different than any of their previous works. It shows a clear progression in their style and sound as a whole. I look forward to where their journey takes them next. I give “Reborn” an 8.5/10 stars.


Learn more about Silver Ash - Official Home Page | Facebook Page | Twitter ReverbNation

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This review of Silver Ash's "Reborn" was written by Rita Nokkaew (Ayva Trance)

Edited by Alicia Thomas

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