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akai SKY - Heart, Attack!



With the perfect blend of American alternative sound and Japanese pop melody, Californian Jrockers, akai SKY possesses and presents the best of both worlds. This especially holds true in their latest explosive release-- Heart, Attack!, which is definitely something worth paying attention to. Just as the title suggests, this EP grabs hold of you and takes you on a journey.

This four track EP, opens with an explosive rock piece “Break Down!” which sets the mood for the entire mini album. From the very first notes in Hayashi’s guitar intro, I knew I was in for a treat. This slow buildup of energy quickly led up to the explosion of drums at 0:09. As a whole, this track possesses such an infectious energy that keeps you moving. Though mostly sung in English, this track shows off their alternative sound at its finest compared to the rest of the EP. From Ryuusei’s smooth vocals, Hayashi’s uplifting rhythms, Jinra’s thunder-strokes, and Umi’s grounding bass; this track brings everything to life.

Following “Break Down!”, “In Black” takes you further into their world. The track immediately opens with Jinra’s lightning drumming which shakes you to your core. Though, “In Black” starts off as more of an alternative sound, it has a nice blend of their Japanese pop melody style as well. Most impressively, this song showcases how smoothly Ryuusei can sing in Japanese and how it holds the piece together. My favorite part in this piece is Hayashi’s electrifying solo at 3:10-3:35. The solo sweeps you away into a distant land. It added the perfect touch of magic which led to the end of an already amazing track.

Sweeping you away from the darkness of “In Black”, “To the Sea” gently lifts your spirits and guides you to brighter place. Out of all songs on this EP, “To the Sea” brought out the most emotion from within. With its light, delicate touches and beautiful arrangement, I felt as though I could connect the most to this piece. The flow of energy and harmony between all the instruments was executed so brilliantly that I did not want it to end. This track by far is my favorite on the entire EP.

Combining a similar feel of “To the Sea” and “In Black”, “Mugen” picks back up the intensity and takes you back to their alternative roots. The track starts with a light and beautiful acoustic guitar intro by Ryuusei before the drums kick in at 0:24. Compared to the rest of the songs on Heart, Attack!, “Mugen” allures a haunting feeling to it. This feeling especially comes out during my favorite part; at 2:21-2:47, during Umi’s solo, which leads into Ryuusei’s distorted whispers. This section brought the song to life the most for me. Out of all the songs on Heart, Attack!, “Mugen” was an excellent way to end an amazing journey into their world.

From start to finish, akai SKY did anything but disappoint in their second EP. The execution of each song is flawless in every aspect. This is a band that grabs my attention and leaves me wanting more. The only flaw was that there were only four tracks. Before doing this review, I only knew very little of akai SKY but now I can’t wait to hear more. I give akai SKY’s Heart, Attack! a 5/5 stars.


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Giveaway! (Contest Now Closed)

akai SKY has graciously provided us with an autographed copy of Heart, Attack! - To enter to win, all you have to do is leave us a comment below and let us know what YOUR favorite akai SKY song is! Visit their Soundcloud to hear their music!

This contest ended on May 15th, 2013 - Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to our winner, Rachel L.!


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This review of akai SKY's EP "Heart, Attack!" was written by Rita Nokkaew (Ayva Trance)

Edited by Alicia Thomas

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  1. CherryHime15/4/13 18:02

    They sound really cool~! I like Tokyo Beat Riot the best~ <3

  2. Ahhhhh! Love them, and I say, "play Yuuhi!"

  3. I love "To The Sea"!! (^w^)/ an awesome track to listen to while cruising with friends <3

  4. akai SKY is freaking awesome :3 so I think it's okay that I can blame them for getting me addicted to Mugen, it's now my favorite and I cant stop listening to it X3

  5. My favorite Akai Sky song is Breakdown :D

  6. Patricia-chan15/5/13 17:55

    "to the sea" is hands down my fav, if my life had a theme song that would totes be it XDD

  7. JimmyJRock15/5/13 19:13

    There's no beating "Tokyo Beat Riot"!! Epic Song by an Epic Band, for sure! >:D

  8. Visual_KEIOS16/5/13 13:10

    Congratulations, you're our winner! We'll be contacting you shortly!


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