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Your Knight - MonoChrome Hearts


MonoChrome Hearts might be a new name in the visual scene, but their members are certainly known to many fans. The duo of Sebastiano Serafini (keyboardist for DNR and well-known model) and Yu Phoenix (former guitarist for Cinema Bizarre), created buzz the second MonoChrome Hearts was announced. They had thousands of fans on Facebook even before their music was released.

After much anticipation, their first song, “Your Knight”, was released to iTunes on January 27th 2013 and a few days later to Amazon as well.


“Your Knight” starts off with a haunting melody that instantly grabs you and pulls you in. This feeling is helped by a rushing crescendo at :05-:10, when you start to hear strings added and Yu starts playing his guitar, taking “Your Knight” to an entirely new level. It's an interesting thing to add so early in the song, as this can sometimes get the listener hyped for something that doesn't follow throughout. However in this song, the energy is kept up and actually builds, creating a great and lively feeling for this song. About half a minute into the song, the song itself fades away. But fear not, this is still just the beginning.

When Seba begins to sing, you can hear a slightly different haunting melody, but it's at a lower volume which works rather well since the vocals and base work harmoniously, rather than one of them overshadowing the other.

One interesting feature in this song is the use of auto-tune. While I'm normally not a fan of auto-tune since it's often overused, this song has just the right mixture and usage so as to enhance the song. The choruses throughout the song are differentiated by a stronger feel, while still keeping the music and vocals in tandem.

While I loved the whole song, hands down my favorite part is the solo and the climb beforehand, starting at 2:21. The reason this is my favorite is that these sections work together so well. Seba shows off his vocal skills, assisted by the auto-tune effects to ring in the solo after the lines, “I'm alive” . If you ever questioned why Yu is such a famous guitarist, just listen to the solo at 2:40-3:01. It's so powerful and captivating that it's quite easy to get lost in each of the notes coming from Yu's guitar.

Once the solo ends, the song goes into the chorus again before starting its dramatic ending. I call the ending a dramatic one because of the auto-tune usage on Seba's voice combined with the heavily discernible guitar playing from Yu leave the listener wanting more.


Though “Your Knight” is only their first song, I can definitely see a bright future for MonoChrome Hearts. It seems like this power-duo really knew what they were doing when they came together. While the PV for this song has been filmed, it has not yet been released; but I'm quite interested to see how they approach this song in the video. I give this song an 8.5/10. I’m truly looking forward to the next release from MonoChrome Hearts.


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